McGuiness and the Queen - comments by an Irish priest on BBC breakfast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rodney2q, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. While not wishing to get involved in the ongoing argument about HM shaking hands with McGuiness (which has its own thread in any case) I was less than impressed with the language used by a Catholic priest ( a "friend" of McGuiness apparently) while being interviewed on BBC 1 Breakfast this morning.

    Several times he mentioned those "killed" by the IRA, while referring at least twice on those "murdered" by the Army, RUC and the Crown. The implication was pretty obvious but the interviewer made no comment.

    I served in NI in the 70's and have some understanding of the situation and I think that if shaking McGuiness's hand is needed to push the peace process forward then so be it. It has to be better than the alternative after all.

    However, I also think that cnuts like that priest will ensure that the old hatreds continue to simmer and are not forgotten. We could do without people like him.

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  2. Forget the priest. You should start a thread about the dissident republican groups that are digging out blind to undo the peace process.
  3. There's nothing old about the hatreds, there was a headline in papers a few weeks ago stating that "40% (ish) of regularly or sometimes play sports/socialise with people from the other community". You'd have thought they'd announced world peace in perpetuity!

    I didn't score too highly with my assertion that that 40% were the only ones that even potentially qualify as human beings.
  4. The priest has got to be in the camp of Gerry Adams who has spent this past week bleating about the "terrible suffering" the republican community and his own family had to undergo for 30 years during the troubles. It really beggers belief that anybody can give credence to such bollox.
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  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You're assuming the priest isn't a member of one of those groups.
  6. I think when this priest finally snuffs it he'll be spending an awful long time in purgatory, if not in a much warmer environment!
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  7. That's also the impression I got,thought it was me though reading too much into it.
  8. Did someone say Gerry Adams was camp?
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  9. Agreed. I served the first four years of my career and will be doing the next two out in good old NI and love the place.

    The big problem is that many people agree with this priest over issues with legitimacy; many of the old and bold nationalists will remember the days when they were poorly treated by some soldiers (we know we weren't exactly angels) and the Provos and INLA represented the legitimate face of local, community security. We do the same and rubber stamp all members of nationalist paramilitary groups as murderers or criminals whilst forgetting that if they didn't have legitimate grievances there would never have been The Troubles.

    But still, those days are over. This Priest needs to move with the times and McGuinness, for all his faults and what he has done/should have admitted to have done, is at least moving the nationalists into dealing with their grievances in the proper manner.

    A very bright Colonel I hold a lot of respect for once said to a group of Officers moaning at the idea of NI joining with the RoI that "it shouldn't matter what people want to achieve, as long as they do it through the legitimate political process and not through killing or intimidation".
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  10. Rodney, why are you even surprised? He's a fully paid up member of one of the most hypocritical and morally bankrupt organisations in history. The Catholic Church has been directly or indirectly involved in everything from attempted genocide to the kind of sexual abuse of children that would make a Belgian wince.8O

    Of course, you could make the argument that all organised religions have been guilty of corruption and abuse of power at some point. I certainly wouldn't disagree with you. But the truth remains that the Catholic Church is the gold standard for acting like an utter **** and claiming it was, "God's will".

    The Northern Crusades. The Inquisition. Pogroms against Jews, and not just in Medieval times - a Bishop refused to condemn outright a grenade attack on Jews in post-war Poland. Financial corruption on a massive scale, including selling Indulgences, which was one of the main reasons for the Protestant Reformation. The "Ratlines" that helped Nazi war criminals escape after WWII. And of course, the sexual abuse of thousands of children by priests and nuns. And the fact that the senior levels of the Church, including the serving Papa cared far more about protecting the Church's reputation than innocent children.:evil:

    If none of the above convinces you, I'll leave you with one final piece of evidence.:wink:

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  11. Between spring 1998 and autumn 2000 I lived in the Republic (County Clare) and closely followed what was going on in the North. I was also there when the RIRA blew up the bomb in Omagh. A good friend of mine, who´s father was interned by De Valera during WW2 for being too close to the IRA and who is very republican, actually suggested that judical hanging should be re-introduced to deal with the dissident republican groups.
    These dissidents get only supported by a radical minority in Eire and are hated by the majority.
  12. No assumption, just suggesting that if he wants to point out individuals that do not want to see the peace process progress, then there are plenty of other high profile candidates
  13. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
  14. I think what surprised me was that the BBC not only gave the cnut air time but didn't pull him up on his choice of words. She should have confronted him over it and earned her salary. Anyway I think they cold have picked someone far better for the interview - both interviewer and interviewee.

    ..and regarding the comments about the Catholic church...well it just reminds me of the line from the song "The Soldier":

    "The priests they stood on both sides the priests they stood behind"

    There has been enough evidence to show that catholic priests actively supported the IRA etc. I wonder if the chap on TV this morning ever took McGuiness's confession?


    PS While I support the peace process it would have been very gratifying to see Auntie Betty shake his hand and then kick him in the nads...

  15. HM's now got the problem of how to get the shit off her gloves!