McGravy Train about to hit the buffers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunoficarus, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. This is an idea coming from the CURRENT UK government in Westminster and NOT the wee pishy parliament. So Forsyth is saying the commission his party along with the Limp Dems set up and came to his conclusions independantly are flawed. He never said anything when the commission was taking its evidence.

    The commission was set up by the unionist parties, with funding mainly from London, ostensibly to improve devolution. Finance is central to that remit, so why be shy about it? Probably for the same reason Calman refused to have open town hall meetings, selected those giving evidence and vetted contributions to its website. It refuses to hear uncomfortable truths.

    So it is particularly embarrassing for the Calman Commission that another, truly independent body, examined the revenue issue and published its own report a week earlier. The think tank Reform Scotland asked the eminent economist Graeme Blackett and the leading tax lawyer James Aitken to find a fairer system. Their paper, Fiscal Powers, is confident and clear.

    Blackett and Aitken recommend London retains all National Insurance contributions, 40% of Scottish income tax, VAT and oil revenue to meet the approximate £20 billion it spends north of the border. Holyrood would set all other taxes to fund its own spending of £30 billion. This would require an exchequer and a chancellor in Edinburgh. We would grow up at last and replace our pocket money with respectable earnings.

    Reform Scotland does not advocate independence, but offers a way forward that is more dignified and fair. Calman, by contrast, is in denial. That is everything to do with politics and little to do with economics. Its own report blatantly favours the status quo, saying: “Greater tax devolution would be associated with less shared social citizenship [with the rest of the UK].”
  2. I completely agree that the scots should be self funding, theirs so much inequality when it comes to things such as university, perscriptions and even old age carehomes that one might even call discriminatory as were supposdly all british citizens rather than citizens of the constituant countries. If the UK as a whole had wanted devolution then England should have got its own parliment seperate to westminster as well and these parliments should have been self funding for any type of legislation they pass regarding there own countries.
  3. I read this yesterday and really can't make my mind up.
    I do believe in the Union and have never really understood the other 'Parliaments'.
    At first, I thought Labour was after Labour domination and never though that as in Scotland the 'Nationalists' would oust Labour as the Largest party.
    My best mates, bar one, during my service time where all Jocks and I have sympathy with their views. Mind you two where very anti Nationalist and the others did not really care about Politics.
    Be interesting how Salamond sells Tax rises to the Scots people, all Tory England's fault I suspect.

  4. I would support that, had I not seen how the three tier government system works in Australia. Here we have local, state and federal elected bodies, all addicted to taxation and all throwing money around like drunken sailors.

    To give you an idea how stupid and petty it is: a local government body (Marrickville - a small pisspoor suburb of Sydney) decided to cut links with organisations that support the Israeli occupation, and ban any academic, government, sporting or cultural exchanges with Israel.

    This bunch of tossers cant keep the streets clean, but they sure can get involved with global politics.

    I favour a military dictatorship - at least then there is only one asshole with his hand in my wallet.
  5. I see no reason, if you follow the logic of National Assemblies, why those same bodies should not also be required to fund the policies that they enact.
    If they do not, then they are divorced from reality and their constituency is being paid for by those who have had no part in the election thereof.
    It is a simple fact of a "federal" system, that there will be differences between the constituent parts (call them what you will). In the United States, Indiana raises and spends money in a many that is different to say Illinois. Each government raises and spends taxes, their governments set and levy taxes. Some, such as Illinois have got up to their arse in debt, while Indiana's government has cut back State spending vigorously and kept the dept somewhat in check.
    The Scots are simply being forced to pay their own way, in manner that they have not been compelled to do until now.

    I do though, fail to see how a reduction in Westminster's subsidy will make the Scottish electorate suddenly think full independence is a means to financial salvation. That particular conclussion does not seem to be outlined at all.
  6. I'm completely against the devolution system as i dont see the point to them their not national goverments nor are they local goverment so there beurocracy without a cause i paticuarly dislike the inequality they bring as an english student i pay over £3,000 a year in tuition fees where as welsh students will pay less than half of that so while i finish i'll enter the real world with £9,000 of tuition fees and another £9,000 of mantinance loan so around £18 to £20K while a welsh student will leave with around £12K debt and a scotish with just £9K i know this may sound like student moaning but in the long run it means english students will be most burdened by their degree with more to pay off. That is the main reason i was against the student protests as while the oxbridge types were in londen being idiots and tw@ts over increased tutition fees they smoke screened the fact that welsh and scottish students would not be having to pay increased fees which will only make things worse for english students in the long run espechially when you consider that it will be english students subsidising the cheaper costs of welsh and scottish students i would much rather see that tuition fees for everyone in the UK be around £5k a year as if we all payed the same no one would be discrimnated against. so lets have a referendum of all UK citizens to see if the welsh assembly and scottish parliment should stay or get rid of them and return to westminster.
    Rant over
  7. I assume you are not studying English !!
  8. nope geography so but my spelling still drags me down a bit, spellings never been my stongest point but i get by
  9. Hey easy answer, write your topic in word, do a spell check then copy and paste into here, that will stop the snipers looking for every spelling mistake - wont help with your geography much though
  10. I think Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should all be let loose / 'set free'. They can all be self funding and let's see how well they all punch then.

    My reasoning you ask ? A quick look at the '6 Nations ' thread should tell you all you need to know ! ;-)

    I've nothing against individuals and some of my best mates are Micks, Taffs and Jocks ;-) BUT they all live in England and are happy to be here and none are nationalists. They call it integration.

  11. Funny you say that I have friends up here in the country north of England and I have English, Pakistani, Irish and Welsh friends here too. Spooky or what :eye:
  12. It is strange Johnny. Do you buy your friends with English subsidies ;-)

    I'm not saying you can't permit 'foreigners' into your country. What I am saying is that those who live in Scotland should be the funders of Scotland. Same for Wales and NI. You're free to work down here and send money home as do so many other EU migrants. I could care less. Like I also said, we are talking States here and not people. I'd like to see alex manage on 3/-6d for his budget ! :)

    Biting the hand that feeds seems a little hypocritical.
  13. The best laugh I've had all week. Where the hell do you anticipate filling the £10Bn funding gap from - certainly not from the rather deep pockets of the Scottish taxpayer - perhaps you can set up a local franchise of McScroungers?
  14. McScoungers my arse