Mcdonalds freebies

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Lizard_Lips, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Apparently this isn't a well known thing amongst the blokes. McDonalds give you free food and drink if you buy a value meal and produce your ID card MOD 90. If you are in uniform it works too.
    Not a lot of the Maccy D's staff know this either but the shift manager will.

    Go on stuff yourselves you know you wanna!

    Happy new year!!!!!!!
  2. On the same lines, if there's a girl you fancy you are now legally entitled to drag her in a bush and smash the barn doors in. The coppers arriving later wont know about your forces immunity but the CPS surely will.

    Just flash 'em a MOD90 and tip 'em a wink....
  3. how much free food and are you sure of this good information
  4. It's a free hamburger, cheeseburger or McFlurry with your meal. Had it in a few McD's throughout the UK.
  5. Jealous becaus you are a healthcare walt?
  6. good call :)
  7. I've been in the golden breasts myself with my kids, they only charged me for my childrens happy meals and didnt charge me for mine. I think most of it is down to their personal generosity, I think they are entitled to a meal for lunch and I'm sure they just get sick of eating it every day thus give you theirs or something.
  8. no discount here in the glorious greater manchester tight bastrds
  9. It would need to be free before I'd eat from there, the food is gipping.
  10. They can stick that where the sun dont shine. Seems that a few have short memories of the MacD's connection with our 'friends' in the Bog.

  11. They'd have to pay me to eat it. The smell alone makes me want to boak. :dead: :toilet:
  12. Has anyone tried this in Catterick. They may as well put up a sign "Don't Pay As You Dine"....if it is true.

  13. Tis a load of bollox

    IRA stood for Individual Retirement Account. It was printed on their (American) pay slips. Sweet fcek all to do with our bog trotting friends from Ulster.
  14. Idiot.

    The franchise was used to direct funds to the bog, just like a 'Coffee Shop' franchise which is still used. Nothing to do with pay slips.


    Really? Fcucking muppet....
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