McDonalds & Burger King - A Rant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BFG 9000, May 26, 2008.

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  1. I haven't been into either of these two places for anything more than coffee for a few years now - until yesterday.

    I remember that I used to hate the fake American "Good afternoon my name is Cindy how may I help you", the "Sorry - we don't do Coke - we do McDonalds Cola" & various other irritations. My pet hate though was when I ordered a Burger (quarter pounder with cheese or bacon double cheesburger usually) - the conversation went something like this :-

    BFG : Hi, Can I have a quarter pounder with cheese please?

    fcuktard : Is that a meal?
    BFG : :? Yes - it's my lunch!
    fcuktard : :? you just want a burger?

    BFG : No - I want a burger, some salad & some cheese in a bread bun.

    Anyway - this was beaten yesterday. I found myself in Burger King in Farnborough yesterday afternoon.
    The conversation went like this :-

    BFG : Can I have a double whopper with cheese please?

    fcuktard : what drink would you like with that?

    BFG : Erm - I'd like a medium Iced latte from Costa just around the corner.

    fcuktard : [​IMG]

    BFG : [​IMG]

    fcuktard : you just want a burger then?

    BFG : No, I'd like two burger, some salad & some cheese - in a bread bun.

    etc. etc.

    Now I appreciate that they have been given the idiots guide to upselling - but that's just fcuking rude in my opinion.

    Oh - just remembered another from a few years ago :-

    BFG : Hi, Can I have a quarter pounder with cheese please?

    Fcuktard : would you like Large fries with that?

    BFG : Aaarrgghhhh



  2. I hope you enjoy the taste of spit in your burgers :lol:
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    They feed you cr@p, so why should conversations with a burger flipper be any different?
  4. Surely you could have found a greasy kebab somwhere?
  5. If you buy a car, do you object to the salesman offering you various optional extras? No? So why complain when a Burger Flipper does it?

    Get over yourself
  6. Those fe-male hormones kicking in early mate ?
  7. It's company policy for them to ask if you want to make it a meal.
  8. if you dont like what they do then dont go there

    and if you do "have to go" then dont expect them to do anything different
  9. The sh*t music puts me off - but that goes for lots of places,especially so-called sports shops.
  10. They get treated like shite and paid shite, but they are working.

    I hope you take your head out of your arrse before you choke on your burger.
  11. You aren't alone BFG

    I find it annoying that the Maccy D ethos is to assume your customer hasn't a clue what he wants.

    Butzybabe being a fan of Ronnies and Kentucky will want large fries and fully leaded coke with everything so welcomes the suggestion.

    I can get myself in a fizz between the ordering window and the serving hatch to be told to go and park in the grill bay until a cold meal is poked through your car window by an oik with worse skin than Merlin German, then having to go round again because they've managed to fcuk up burger and chips.
  12. I'm a classy chic, its Subway for me, extra olives. At least I get to practice my Polish there.
  13. They get treated like sh*te and paid sh*te because they are sh*te...but hey, they're working sh*te and that's what matters!
  14. Don't mind BK once in a while - XL bacon dbl cheeseburger - no salad in it, no pretence towards being healthy, spot on.

    As for McD's, bag of shite. The only place where the packaging tastes better than the food (and is probably more nutritious) :x
  15. [​IMG]

    Smoke me, Tubbatha

    Back on topic:

    I've managed to get myself in a microstrop just recalling the episodes at Ronnies, being asked if I want a meal...... despite knowing its coming you can feel the emotions of ultra violence swelling from your feet upwards. 'If I wanted a meal I would have fcuking asked for one'

    At the local drive through, there is a charity box under the window, so that you can conveniently donate to PIRA or some other trumped up beneficiary. On being handed my change by a young lad with smarties glued to his face, the change dropped into the collection jar and vanished down a helter skelter slide into the basement where all the Mcdonalds gold bullion is.

    He said 'Very generous sir, thank you' with a cocky smile.

    Imagine his and Mrs MDNs surprise when I announced that in three seconds he would also be stuffed in the box to retreive it.

    He had to call a supervisor to open the till to get me my 29p. The liberty taking cnuts.