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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by WRAPJOBAGAIN, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. right here go's

    about three years ago this bloke knocked on my door with lots of photos.
    if you want any doing its cheep and top quality and we provide the best service to the military all you have to do is give him the photos that you want doing and he will be back within two weeks with your new pictures to hang on your wall.

    so right here are my wedding photo that i want doing.
    next thing i know. no picture lost wedding photo.
    not herd a thing off him. tried his phone and sent letters.

    now i have moved from the south to the midlands guess what a knock on my door same bloke.

    well hello there remember me his reply no sorry i dont.

    me. well i lived in the south blah blah blah
    him. oh yes we sent it
    me. no you never
    him. well what can i do to help
    me. give me my photo back

    him. tell you what any photo that you want doing and we will do it OK i said and off he went with my photo.
    came back Sunday with a very big photo that i wanted but still no wedding photo that he tuck from me three years ago witch he said he would bring back to me.

    the point i am saying is any one else been done over by this cnut.
    and if so i have his email and phone number.
    i try to ring him but guess what inbox is full

    do not trust this bloke he will rob you.

    has anyone else been done ove by this knobber.
  2. Hope you didnt pay the mongrel
  3. i did but not for the last one that he came for.
  4. He should post on the 'Cnuts trick'
  5. has anyone else come across this bloke. McDonagh Military.
  6. hi
    ye this bloke has fcked me over aswell im so annoyd
    iv got some pictures but there not the final ones
    £70 down the drain
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So he fcuked up and lost your first photo but you still gave him more photos the second time instead of giving him a slap on the bonce? Sounds sensible to trust him again after he's screwed you over already. :oops:
  8. This knob's details have been circulated to all units in the midlands so that he is denied access. If he comes knocking report it to your USO.
  9. Just let me get this straight in my crusty beer fuddled mind.

    1. You gave cu'ntface your wedding pic and money.

    2. He let you down big time.

    3. You bump into him again and get no good answer about the missing pic.

    4. So you gave him another one!

    If that is roughly correct, then point four makes you a cu'nt, please correct me if I am wrong!
  10. yes you are wrong. when he came round he said he would do a photo for free to compensate and bring me the original wedding photo back with him .he came and did the free one and still no wedding photo.
    i asked where it was and he said its in his work place and would bring it back the next week. but has he turned up no.
  11. If you see him again, make sure that you tw@t the cnut, with a bit of 4 by 2 :twisted:
    Good luck getting the photo back
  12. dont think i will see him at my current location.

    maby my next only time will tell.
  13. The address and postcode given by this T***T recently do not match either. My advice would be to avoid doing business with him and report it to your USO or local RMP.
  14. Hey Ho, theres one born every minute.
  15. i know try ringin him on his mobile his inbox is full all the time.