McDill AFB R.Sigs - Thanks

I had car problems today outside the commissary store at McDill AFB in Tampa, Florida today. I called AAA for help. After a wait I got a call from AAA that the truck could not enter the base unless I met them at the gate. Afraid that the truck would just leave when denied entry and having no usable car, I needed a ride. I approached two soldiers with "Royal Signals' tabs on their uniforms for a ride and they immediately took me to the gate. In my sixties, out of shape and in 90 degree heat I could not have gotten to the gate in time to meet the truck.

If the two gentlemen from the Royal Signal who drove a tall overweight guy with grey hair to the gate at McDill read this; thank you again, very much, for your help and I hope you have a great time during your stay in the US.
Ha, McDill, what a tour.

It was fcuking awesome.... it wasn't me by the way.

But I loved it in Florida, and these guys are probably living the dream as every American lady in Florida digs the accent and blokes buy you beers in the pubs, and of course there is Disney world, the Gardens and of course Whale World (or whatever it is called) where you can get in cheap. Mint.
Dont forget Whiskey Joes either.... John Lesley got destroyed there by a troop of us one night... ah great days!
I went there in 2003 with 2 Sigs, Sports Bar, Happy Hours on friday night, 10 bucks and all jack and coke you could cram in, Ebor and loads more, top tour, no medal though....... but loads of free money, which is better anyway.

Living in a posh hotel was kinda cool as well.

Having a boss that looked like Harry Potter, not so cool.
R an R said:
Dont forget Whiskey Joes either.... John Lesley got destroyed there by a troop of us one night... ah great days!
A night I was stuck on shift and missed all the fun. A pity he decided to change hotels a few days later after getting strange phone calls to his room from drunk squaddies at all hours. Great days indeed.
Ah yes, Ebor or Ybor or whatever it was called. All I seem to remember is a fcuking long street with loads of bars and women who got their jubblies out quite a lot. Pure gold.
Yep i phoned John Lesley's room a couple of times at 3am!
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