Can anyone point me towards information as to how an MCCP for TA soldiers going on annual camp is to be conducted regarding the issue of identity docs and tags. Thanks.


Phone call to your regional Bde G1 wallahs should provide a positive result, but in my experience (bearing in mind I'm not AGC) getting each officer & soldier to sign for them on an AF G1033 should suffice.
I would expect your RAO/RAWO to put an admin order out telling you exactly what is required!! RE ID Cards (MOD F 90) you should be checking for:

Condition, Expiry date, current photo, rank within 1 of current rank - new ones to be demanded if required.

You mentioned ID Tags- I assume you mean ID Discs - normally only issued if Camp is overseas, if being issued soldier sigs on relevent tracking paperwork normally held in docs, also those who hold med warning tags should have those checked (one on soldier one att to F Med 4).

Thanks. I don't have a polite term to describe the person above me, which is why I am trying to ensure that I
know what needs to be actioned. Neither will I be able to get any training to what I consider an acceptable standard. I have looked on the electronic library but I did not come up with anything concise. What you have described is great but a formal link or an indication where to look would be great. Thanks.
Surely you should be able to speak to your RAWO?? I'm not in work at the moment but should be able to assist with a link to the UAM (Unit Administration Manual) (DII) when I am back in.

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