McConnell - How many pints?

McConnell - How many pints?

  • I would sober- God help me!

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  • 1 to 3- call it dutch courage.

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  • 4 to 7- I'd need a fair few.

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  • More than 7- I'd want to be wasted.

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I know its not big, I know its not clever, but going by the verdict it must be OK, so here goes: How many before you would?
i think you will will find that it is this kind of item usually passed off as: "a joke, sir, just a bit of banter between the lads, honest" that starts off most of the employment tribunal cases that the MOD seems to get landed with.......
Been off these means and only just seen that MY POLL MADE THE SUN!

My life's aim has been achieved!
congratulations on your published work :lol:
Outstanding work.... superb :D
Are you going to write anymore papers on this topic?

By the way, her picture makes her look reasonable now. Mind you I am still pi55ed from last night! :twisted:
All the interest in the above now begs the subsequent question:

"How many had the Major had before the knee trembler in the Medal Room?"

Any KRH who may have been at the do care to enlighten us with a rough (look at her again and realise this is the only appropriate term) figure?
Marks out of ten?

I'd give her one. :wink:
A fantastic call, continuing our present theme.

Show your dedication to ARRSE and get voting!
As at 0821 Angela has been rated by 328 people and her score is 9.3 / 10 making her better looking than 92% of the women on Hot or Not.

I should hasten to add that its quite a good photo, and the majority of the users of this site are American civis so there's no accounting for their taste.

So whilst the British squaddie demonstrates consistently high standards in their choice of women, the internet public are not so choosy.
Just as a matter of interst, this little poll made it into the pages of todays Daily Sport. Until I saw the article,I never new quite how desperate a paper can be for filler. :roll:
She's a one-metre range for the lads. Good for the morale of the Toms I s'pose. Not so concerned about her husband though, eh?



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