McClatchy News Shocked that drones are killing others not just Al Qa'ida


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I was very tempted to put this in the NAAFI, but will play it straight and post it here.
It has apparently been a shock for the Journo involved to discover, after much diligent rooting about, that the US drone program is killing a multitude of people. This was of sufficient surprise that it was covered by the Foreign Policy Journal.

Initial news story here:
Obama’s drone war kills ‘others,’ not just al Qaida leaders | McClatchy

Foreign policy story here:
An Inconvenient Truth - By Micah Zenko | Foreign Policy

They think that a review of the program might be in order and that any suggested changes to policy from the Administration might be open to skepticism.
Whilst I think it could be construed as morally wrong and perhaps illegal, I for one sleep safe in my house in the knowledge that here in Australia and like the uk before that, the use of armed drones by america are not required to overfly my country because for the most part we try and prevent terrorists infiltrating the fabric of our society.

Unfortunately, if you can't do that and are too backward to prevent uncle Sam doing it, suck it up or stand up.

Incase you wonder where I nail my colours, it's not in xxxstan

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