McChrystal: "We have too many contractors"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yeoman_dai, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Given the punch that some of these contractors have on the 'hill' it is more likely McChrystal gets reined in.
  2. PMCs/Mercenaries (whichever you want to call them) have been in use for hundreds of years. Its hardly going to stop now.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There are cases and places where only a PMC will do. The Foreign Office, and DFID, for example, use PMCs even though they are bloody expensive, because they do not want to be seen using Military.

    you may have your own views on this - but it's a fact.
  4. Not really, what McCrystal is forgetting that when operations cease, there is no redundnancy, Manning Control Points or pensioning off, there is just contract end.

    he has a short term high volume workforce whose future welfare he has no statutory future obligation for.

    What may be at fault is the contracting set up and management, if profits are perceived as obscene, why did the military rep sign the contract?
    Contractors all over the world get it in the neck from clients, especially when clients can blame then for their own c0ckups.

    Anyway, he shouldn't bite the hand that'll feed him in retirement - has he never heard of MPRI!
  5. Think he also means the cooks, cleaners and drivers
  6. Well it's not his money and it's peanuts to what's being peshed away on things like the F-22. Sadly the Pentagon apparatus is simply terrible at managing outside contractors and has demonstrably been continually ripped off. This is partly because it's a procurement focused organization more adapted to larding out pork rather than war fighting.

    Trying to privatize much of the fat logistical tail of the US Army was always as much ideological project as a sausage factory. Having KBR dooling out the slops was never cost effective or morale building.

    Stan's right that contracting out to locals makes much more sense. If you have to do it enrich the folk you are fighting amongst not some shadowy outfit in North Carolina with beltway connections.

    It's also proved detrimental to campaigns focused on population protection having heavily armed teams of guys charging who aren't paid to share that agenda and sensibly avoid the risks it involves, sometimes leaving dead and maimed natives scattered about the place.
  7. Point of Order, having KBR do the cooking was indeed a Morale builder compared to the slop the unit cooks usually whipped up. At Camp Tigerland(North VBC) the messhall was eons beyond what our cooks could manage. Unless you've suffered through Burned Rice and Beans at NTC 3 days in a row(from Hispanic Cooks who ought to know how to cook that dish) or half defrosted half cooked Veal cutlets, or god forbid Yakisoba, you can't imagine how bad some US army cooks are at their Job.
  8. I thought he wanted a civilian surge? I think McCrystal is losing the plot a bit lately.