McChrystal Complains About US Ambassador in Afghan

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. Interesting insights (if true) into the dysfunction at the highest command levels for US Afghan ops

  2. If McCrystal voted for Obama, that alone explains his failure in Afghanistan and his failure as a human being.
  3. Surprise Surprise :D

  4. Uh oh.....

  5. Recalled to Rome by Emperor Nero.
  6. oldbaldy

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    Do you think he will be made to stand on the naughty step?
  7. First one bites the dust:

  8. Someone is not interested in the political infighting in Washington:
  9. Methinks this view may well be changing as we speak.
  10. Some of the comments by his aides that have made it into print were as damaging to him as his own comments. The aides should learn to STFU. Aides were trying to show support but hurt the boss with the comments.

    IMHO McChrystal is toast. We will have to watch and see.
  11. I agree--for better or worse, I think he (assisted ably by his staff) has hoisted himself on his own petard and now it is just a matter of how to spin his departure. this of course plays perfectly into the hands of His administration that is inexorably ridding itself of anyone seen as the least bit "double minded" (independent thinkers) in favor of either fellow travelers or otherwise malleable lackeys.

    From what I have heard through the grapevine about the recent nomination of USMC Commandant (apparently the litmus test was his perceived if not actual softer view on homosexuals and DADT), I think this is the pattern we can expect from now own.
  12. Speaking from the other side of the pond, I am glad that you have a general who is not afraid to speak out. We had some of that here during the Victorian era. The public was aware of the rivalries between senior officers, IIRC leading one prime minister to ask "Why do our generals hate each other?"

    However, if I was viewing this from the desk at the Oval Office, I think I would send him some paracetamol and a fru-fru; which is one reason why I shall never be a President.
  13. If General McCrystal goes, I believe that we will loose in Afghanistan. In that event The UK should pull out its forces ASAP, before Mr Obama cuts and runs.
    We will have to deal with the threat of international terrorism on our own ground in our own way.


    Edited to add: Read the article, don't make do with the digest.
  14. Sadly, I think this was always in the cards--just a matter of finding the right way to spin it. He has too much to lose in terms of his anti-war, Kumbayah-singing political base to be in any war, no matter how much it may otherwise be "justified."

    As we continue to see and as He and His minions have unabashedly announced, He will avail himself (quite shamelessly usually) of any "crisis," "emergency" or other situation to advance His actual agenda that has nothing to do with waging "wars" regardless of whether our (or our allies) security may be at risk.

    I have said on other threads that regardless of whether there is or isn't any "special relationship" with the UK, if I were any ally of the US I would first and foremost look out for my own interests. Outmoded (in the eyes of the post-modern progressives at least) concepts of honor, loyalty, honesty etc. are mere constructs of a by-gone era and now only have value in their manipulation.

    Remember these people look to their inspiration from such high-minded folks as Saul Alinsky Linkywho said this about ethics:

  15. Jeeze, I leave Afgh alone for a couple of days and everything goes to radtschitd in my absence.