McCartney tells missus to hop it.


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Famous junkie Paul McCartney has hoofed his half-missus.

Hop it peg-leg !

Rumours say she'd been looking elsewhere to get her leg over.
Fcuking superb, Cuts!
It's good to see fellow arrser's keeping 'afoot' of the latest news :D I'm sure soon to be ex-Mrs McCartney will need all the 'support' she can get.

I'm sick..............

She's reported to be making frantic efforts to keep the split as civil as possible.

She's 'Running around in circles', according to a close friend.
See the newspapers must have put the kiss of death on it when they ran the article will she still love when he's 64 ( a play on one of the Beatles songs for you youngsters)

I read that she'll be one-legging it with £200 million


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Why, when someone else is obviously in emotional pain do we feel the need to put the boot in? Just cos she cant without falling over....dammit, now see what i have done!
And she's useless at the hokey-cokey.
I heard it was because of her alcohol problem... Macca said she was legless.
She is now founding patron of UK charity Adopt A Minefield, along with her husband.
Nice. Will the minefield send you a letter every 6 months to tell you how it is getting on?
Apparently she didnt do very well in the arrse kicking competition either
quote]She is now founding patron of UK charity Adopt A Minefield, along with her husband.[/quote]

Umm, well of course she is, she has 50% less to lose!
Now folks this is all very unfair, its not like its easy to walk out on a relationship like this..
With all that money from the divorce settlement I hope she doesn't go runniing to the press for sympathy.
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