McCartney intimidation growing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Sep 14, 2005.

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  2. Not really, I'm shocked they're all still walking and living in their own home.
  3. Lets just say if i was them i would be welding my letterbox shut about now! 8O

    How low can these republican (and lets not beat around the bush, thats what they are) scum go?
  4. Peace!!???
    These men may have 'dis-armed'but there is no way they are going to relinquish the hold they have on'republican'areas and untill more people follow the McCartney's example it will not stop.Shame on the Police for not doing more to bring such PIRA trash to book.
  5. The problem with a united Ireland that the Republicans don't like to talk about is whether the sensible Irishmen will want to unite with the nutters. Frankly, who in the Republic would want the ****ing place?
  6. Hear, hear. I for one have no wish to be 'united' with the assorted Loyalist and Republican chavscum which seem to infest Northern Ireland. Apart from the minor consideration that unification would probably cause the economy and infrastructure of the Republic to collapse, civil war would be a considerable possibility, as I don't imagine that a million unionists would appreciate being 'bounced' into such an arrangement; and Sinn Féin/PIRA would then truly have the run of the country to do as they wished. To those who will doubtless ridicule my reference to civil war, I would point to the apparent calm of the Balkans before the balloon went up in the early nineties. Either way, I would rather not take the risk. Doubtless the Peace Process fetishists would relish the opportunity to 'test out' a united Ireland, but I believe that the island is a long way from being ready for such a step.