McCanns may have sedated Madeleine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by UberSoldat, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Can someone confirm that this is true, as I have heard that the McCanns are now admitting they DID sedate madeleine before going out on the piss.

    It's all coming out now!
  2. All except Maddie
  3. According to their statement this morning, they deny doing it. They keep going on about how much their other kids are going through

    "when is Madeline coming home" the kids ask apparently

    I wonder if they ask "why did you leave us alone that night mummy"
  4. How should I know?
    What are you implying?
    You'll be hearing from my solicitor in due course.

    Once the concrete's fully set.
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    "sedate", thats a good word for it.

    I'm now going to sedate this 6" nail into this piece of 2x4..................
  6. I like they way in the TV interview they said "our life isn't as happy without Maddie".......AS happy?

    Forgive me, but "our lives are totally fcuking miserable and we will never forgive ourselves for being shite parents" is the statement i'd expect.......not "well it's a bit pants now shes gone, but we still have a laugh like"

  7. I am still of the opinion that they are a couple of schemers and are in it up to the oxters.
  8. It is true, I was there :roll:

    They have always denied it, but she was a bit sluggish when I put her in my bath.
  9. Maddy will simply fullfil the popular need for a mystery, in years to come there will be occasional supermarket standard books by journos struggling to pay the mortgage, false sightings, crackpot theories, 'startling new evidence' and all the usual shite that sells rag newspapers and creates work for hacks, while giving fat boring middle England a little voyeuristic frisson as they contemplate the horrifying possibilities and indulge in some mawkish false sentiment.

    Maddy will simply become the Lord Lucan of the 21st century.

    And is probably feeding the same fish.......
  10. What do you mean "In years to come"? It's happening already, I give it six months before the McCann's book is released.
  11. I’m surprised the brick used to sedate her hasn’t found it’s way onto ebay yet.
  12. In a startling news flash it has been announced that Mohammed Al Fayed has new evidence that Maddie was killed by the secret services at the behest of HRH Prince Phillip..
  13. In hindsight we know now for sure that those kids shouldn't have been left alone, as shouldn't those kids of their friends been left alone either...were they bad parents too?
    But the kids were tired after a long day and were put to bed at a very reasonable hour..that is good parenting.
    I never did leave mine but I don't believe that many other decent parents haven't done exactly the same as the McCann's whilst on holday abroad.
    Those parents who, instead, choose to keep their kids with them into the early hours every night of their holiday while they and the other adults around them get inebriated hour after hour are not better parents at all.
    The McCann's could have left their kids with their wider family and not even taken the the children on holiday abroad with them. They chose instead to take the three young children with them. The kids apparently had their days filled with childish fun then were sensibly put to bed whilst the parents chilled at the nearest tapas bar onsite with regular checks on them by themselves and people they trusted.
    Even if a babysitting service was available on site, many wise parents would not trust those unknown foreign babysitters, and would prefer to simply check back on the children rather than have strangers alone with them.
    Whilst many of us would not leave our kids alone without constant supervision by one or other parent, many many others are more relaxed -certainly a relaxed holiday mood can lull people into feeling that such a choice is a sound one.
    A choice that on most occasions is without event but on this occasion proved devastating.
    The worst part of all this is that not only have the McCann's gone through the nightmare of having lost their child but they have then been vilified and persecuted by media and police on top of it.
    This sorry media circus says more about the state of this country's macabre and soap opera mindset than it does about the McCann family.
  14. They didn't kill her, she's still alive, and in my cupboard. I use her as a c0ck warmer on the cold winter nights ;)
  15. In that case who have I got in my basement? I paid well above the odds for her as well.