McCanns have delayed their book as not to clash with Royal Wedding & loose exposure !

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by killaloe_holiday, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Fook me seems like the McCanns are delaying publication of their version of Maddies dissapearance so as not clash with the Royal Wedding. All proceeds will go to their own fund.

    Dear knows why they need to write a few hundred pages / 40K words and turn it into a book.

    I could of ghost written it for them on a Post It.

    "Enjoyed Tapas & drinks, ignored the kids"

    Maddie book on hold for wedding | The Sun |News
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  2. The have decided to change the ending...
  3. Can you spot her?

  4. If they ask nicely I'll bring her along for the book signing,they might not recognise her though.

    The title isn't very catchy,it could be spiced up with "Maddy,how we neglected her and didn't get prosecuted,fucking hell that was a lucky escape"
  5. bottom left, try harder. saw it in 5 seconds!

  6. That doesn't look a bit like a semen smeared bin bag.
  7. Why don't they just admit theyt sold her to some rich arab paedo and now have spent the money to buy her back so thy can sell her again. Pref to the vatican.
  8. maybe I was being a bit harsh, as someone so accustomed to maddies face, I zeroed in on her immidiately. I don't bother with the formaldehyde, expensive stuff and peat is a perfectly good substitute. She's ready every time I dig her out.
  9. I should hope so. If there was a Ghost writer, then Maddie might give a different spin on what happened.

    A short summary:

    We all flew out
    The Tapas was really great
    The kids behaved themselves
    The Tapas was still great
    Lost one of the kids
    Met some lovely Policemen
    Missed the Tapas terribly
    Took lots of photos (of us)
    Not all flew back

    Sob story, publicity agent, the Pope, Aguido, world tour, dribble dribble . . . .
    The end!
  10. I'm amazed.The clarity of the CCTV frame posted by Vampire is of excellent quality.
    Surely the Portugese Constabulary can get a enlarged image of the suspect's face from that frame?
  11. Your sure it'll even get that far I'll bet it's in one of the reduced bins next to Gordon Browns wartime courage at a book clearance shop.
  12. 18 Quid for a pack of lies................ they must be kidding - if you get my drift!
  13. I'm glad you're here otherwise I'd still be wanking over the one dishing out the grub at the tapas kiosk. How embarrassing is that!
  14. I bet they'll be a tearing out of hair and a rending of clothes in Chez McCann when they see their book in the 'Fiction' section of bookstores.
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