McCann a suspect

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by one-flew-over, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. I think they're innocent.
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  2. Never has your sig block been more appropriate.
  3. They may well be.

    However, why are they continuing to have money spent on this decade old case ~£11 million and counting?

    Why when most missing persons cases top out at about £5000 does this stone cold case keep eating up public money?
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  4. Public interest and donations and social media harnessing would be my guess.......
  5. That and being Scousers, so experts in whinging and grievance politics
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  6. Assuming that they are innocent (I think that they are), what do you expect them to do?

    ¨Ah **** it, this is costing too much, lets just let her go and get on with life¨ ?

    She is (was) their daughter and they have demonstrated very clearly that they are not the moving on types, they will keep looking for the rest of their lives or until some DNA matched bones are found (very unlikely).

    To make matters harder, the Police are not closing the book on it either, which is unusual, granted, but if the old bill are saying that they are still following up things then nobody can really tell them to stop with a clear conscious. The country may be broke but look at it this way, the Big Ben refurb is currently quoted to cost 61 Million, Houses of parliament refurb 5.7 Billion. When we are throwing money around like that then a few hundred grand to try and find a little girl is trivial.

    If wasting money is the problem that people have with this then I would suggest that there is other, more obvious low hanging fruit to rant about.
  7. The whole thing stinks.

    There must be a reason why this couple are able to continue to expend police resources after 10 years.

    Still following up leads after 10 years.

    I call bullshit
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  8. Yeah it is unusual i´ll give you that.

    While hardly in the same league as this, I got caught up in a pub fight a few years ago and felt like seeing the bastard that started it get done for it so a few of us held onto him while waiting for the police to turn up.

    THe took so long to turn up that said bastard got away and legged it just before the old bill turned up.

    Some simple police work later, they knew his name, address and had video evidence of the whole thing. He was currently out on bail anyway so instead of going to bring him in, they said they would wait for him to come to the station to deal with his other charge and then add this one on.

    6 months passed, I got a call saying that he never showed up and as 6 months had passed with no updates to the case, they were compelled to close it.

    If they had just got off their backsides and gone to his house....

    Anyway, that this case is still being worked on indicates that the case is being updated at least once every 6 months, has a sympathetic person signing off on it and that the mcCans are lobbying them and several MP´s at the same time to keep some pressure on.
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  9. 11 million? How much would a babysitter have cost?
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  10. I believe the complex they stayed at offered a free babysitting service
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  11. It's been said before but bears repeating. If the parents where Shaz n Wayne off a council estate things would have turned out very differently. It's pretty dispiriting.
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  12. Would plod be so anxious to keep searching if the search area was Northumbria or Cumbria, maybe the lure of some winter Portuguese sunshine is in play.
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  13. Probably got a couple of kids, if she wasn't dead
  14. They have information on to people, they are swingers
  15. No you don't