McCain-Powell 2008?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 16, 2006.

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    A McCain-Powell ticket in '08 seems like a match made in NeoCon hell.After 3 years of biting his tongue the good general finally decided that he did not like the taste of his own blood.He has been stifled and muzzled for too long.

    Ive always suspected that Powell's silence had a lot to do with loyalty not to his commander in chief but to his troops.Now that that he has seen that future American POWs (and there will be some-thats the reality of war) will be held to a watered down Geneva Convention he has come out swinging.He says America is losing the moral high ground that separates it from its enemies.Truer words have never been spoken.Torture will not in any way give America a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

    Ive been listening to rightwing pundits and they have already launched the ever effective "he is not a patriot" campaign that questioned the integrity of McCain and effectively cost him the Republican nomination in '00.It might be a little harder to sell this time around.But knowing the American voters....

    Short term solutions for long term problems will be the death of the US.Mark my words.
  2. Two men who I can respect.
    Well when you consider the alternatives.
  3. They could be just the men to steer the US out of the troubled seas she finds herself in.
  4. This I would like to see.

    Did anyone else see the unscheduled arrival footage of Powell at Habbiniyah? Not announced, he just dropped in. He was stood on the tarmac with the onbopard news team , and in the background, you can see people running to get to him , from all over the place. His genuine pleasure was something else. No choreography, no planted questions, just Colin happy to be surrounded by people he understood, who knew he understood them. The delight on the faces of those troops was something else.

    Whatever he was going to say went out the window, it was just about him and his. It was superb.

    They should go for it, 2 men that understand absolutely, that war is the last best move.

    They were able to smear McCain with that "Oh well he got treated badly after he was shot down, and it's made him a bit ga-ga" But he still got into it over North Vietnam. Powell is a respected combat leader, and very very respected in US Armed Forces. When I was recently there, the Airborne and SF guys all said to a man they'd vote for Powell when we got onto this discussion.

    I think they'll get a hell of a lot of support from the VA as well.

    They really should go for it.
  5. I just wish he'd pronounce his first name right.
  6. They have my vote if they go for it. I really hope that happens.
  7. Too old


    I posted the President's news conference
    Its 58 minutes long ,I suggest you listen . The president is absolutely right about the legislation that is needed and McCain and Powell are wrong. Which is what their difference is about.

    by the way Colin Powell's son is also a impressive person. He was a Army col who was injured and had to leave the service
  8. Reagan was 70 when he ran.The general if he becomes the VP will be 71 in '08.Not too bad at all.Stays in for 4 years, drains the cesspool Bush and Co have left behind then leaves the office for a younger VP who will be around after McCain's term(s).

    Wishful thinking maybe?Stranger things have happened not least the reelection of the current mobsters.
  9. I was very impressed by McCain when he ran for the Rep Party nomination, seemed to get scuppered by the Religious powers in that party. Will 08 be any different?

    As a second thought - not doubting Powells credentials, but is he white enough to get elected?
  10. He will not run because his wife insists that he does not, she has had a premonition for some years now that if he does he will be assassinated as former Black American leaders. .
  11. While I agree with the reasons given already for Powell not going on a ticket, there something else to consider. Rumour control has it that Powell's account of life inside the little Bush administration is already written, but he's sitting on it until the silly bugger leaves office. I heard him speak a couple of months ago, and it seemed obvious that he was biting his tongue at some points.

    I also think he starting to realise that he can be more influential out of office than in it.
  12. Reagan was 69 when he ran,
    McCain would be 72 the ticket would have a age problem
    Their campaign slogan might be older and oldest

    but on the Issue of the the current disagreement, Bush is right . The legislation needs to give the people doing the interrogating of detainees the confidence that they will not be tried as war criminals for doing their job. That is that current disagreement not Bush hatred . Bush does a good job at the Press conference defending his position.
  13. McCain's no spring chicken. He was 70 this year.
  14. your right I updated my post to reflect that
    But Powell's son is also very impressive and was head of the FCC and in my opinion should get involved in politics