McCain: G7 Powers Should Boycott St. Petersburg Summit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. The Munich Conference on Security Policy took place this weekend. Sen. McCain (R-Ariz) attended.

    Russia is hosting a G8 summit at St. Petersburg this June.

    Sen. McCain recommended a boycott of this meeting, citing diminishing Russian government respect for human rights.

    The linked article says that present was Sergei Ivanov, Russian Dpty. Prime Minister and Defense Minister. Mr. Ivanov replied somewhat dismissively, saying that Sen. McCain's remarks merely reflected the views of "a narrow group of people."

    U.S. U/Sec. of State Robert Zoellick said that the enthusiasm of the Russian government for a powerful, repressive state apparatus was based on an archaic view of how the world works.

    "Harsh words for Putin from the U.S. on rights"
    By Judy Dempsey International Herald Tribune
    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2006
  2. At to this old clown McCain then excluding of Russia from G8 is his constant agenda. But even this short-minded moron understands that such an unfriendly action must be grounded on a very serious concrete cause. New Russian law about NGOs, taken into account story with British rock, is not something that could be used in this context.

    Previously the senator used (now jailed) so called 'tycoon' (read looter) Khodorkovsky (btw this thieth failed on exam for rank 'seamstress of 3d class' in prison). And what? Now poor (now he is really poor) mr.Khodorkovsky is forgotten by mr.McCain.

    But what is a real cause of this fuss?

    Restoration of Russian state? It is a crime of course.
  3. Sen. McCain was a guest on Meet The Press today.

    WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain said Sunday the United States should respond harshly to Russia’s anti-democratic actions and suggested that President Bush is reconsidering his assessment of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


    McCain, a possible presidential contender in 2008, said Putin has repressed Russians and their media, supported Belarus’ authoritarian president and not cooperated with the U.S. in dealing with Iran’s suspected development of nuclear weapons.

    “I think that we’ve got to respond in some way,” McCain told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “The glimmerings of democracy are very faint in Russia today, and so I would be very harsh.”

    "McCain: Russia deserves ‘harsh treatment’" 2 April 2006

    Personally I like the sound of President McCain, better than Hillary anyway.
  5. I'm curious- what makes you think you're qualified to join in with the G7? Tacking yourself onto the G8 was supposed to be a pat on the back in term of your efforts to transform yourselves into a democracy with a free market economy based on the rule of law. How are you doing on those fronts? Aside from natural gas reserves with a supply chain of dubious reliablity, AK47s and vast quantities of nuclear material, complete with attendant unpaid scientists- what have you got to offer the world?
  6. Awaiting the bite... :wink:
  7. Crabtastic!

    Russia is a key player in this project connected with ISS. Now NASA pays for usage of Russian space-ships. Russia takes part in development of British economy

    Russia supports development of British football :lol:

    The most important thing with Russian economy is its potential. Many countries have very high level of development but too small room for future expanding. As for Russia then 'the room' is not big, it is huge.

    It is true that now projects connected with gas, oil, with other natural resources are very profirable. And CAPITAL always seeks the most profitable areas. It is free market economy by the way.

    As for political side of membership in G8 then Russia is an independent country, with fully independent policy. Previously G7 looked as 'the Snowhite from White house' and 6 dwarfs. Hopes for 7th dwarf hasn't been realised.