MCB refuse to denounce Rushdie fatwa

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone catch that most impressive grilling given to Iqbal Sacranie by Kay Burley on Sky News at lunchtime [no link as yet]? It seems the 'Muslim leaders' are falling over themselves to appear in the media to "deplore" these latest attacks. Sacranie was representing the Muslim Council of Britain even though he resigned the post of General Secretary in 2006. He was replaced by Muhammad Abdul Bari but it seems the MCB consider Sacranie a more personable spin mullah.

    Sacranie began the interview by denouncing the attacks as being alien to Islam and continued into the usual patter. He was looking quite confident, even quite self assured. Until, that is, Ms Burley ruthlessly unleashed the ambush. It was swift and bold; it was akin to a Ricky Hatton liver-punch. To paraphrase the conversation:

    Burley: "We know you denounce the terror attacks, Mr Sacranie. But weren't you one of those people who praised the fatwa on Dr Salman Rushdie?"

    Sack (with a priceless look of surprise and discomfort on his face): "That was before the formation of the MCB."

    Burley: "Yes, it was before the formation of the MCB. So now is the time to make your position clear, for the record. Do you support the fatwa that was placed on Dr Salman Rushdie?"

    Sack: "We did not bring the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. We are not Iran.

    Burley: "So do you, or not, support the fatwa that was placed on Salman Rushdie?"

    Sack: "We did not order that fatwa. Iran ordered the fatwa. We are not a group of individuals who order fatwas."

    Burley: "So you don't support the fatwa then?"

    Sack: "We were not the people to bring the fatwa."

    Burley: "So, just to clarify, you are saying that you don't support the fatwa?"

    Sack (fighting to suppress apoplexy): "Thank you."

    Burley: "Thank you, Mr Sacranie."

    The look Burley gave to the camera said it all. Well done to Sky and Ms Burley for raising the issue in this politically correct hell.
  2. THis contuinues a bizarre saga
    Rushdie is a third-rate writer, whose ethnicity led to the fawtah and caused many like myself to be tied up at vast expense to the taxpayer to guard him for long years.

    NOw he has a K - totally unmerited - K, he is on the sharp end gagain..
    My sympathy is very limited.

    Now his wife - 20 years his junior - is leaving him.

    A sorry saga of PCness by HMG, in my view.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So you're saying if you have a different ethnicity and write crap stories they don't deserve the protection of the state when thier life is threatened? If so thats racism in anyones book which makes you a fool. Not sure what having a hottie for a wife has to do with it either.
  4. I tried reading Satanic Verses once and it was just rubbish. They could have issued the fatwa as literary criticism which would be fair enough; I fail to see what he's done for this country that warrants a knighthood. He's a bit of a chancer (wasn't he in advertising and dreamt up the Naughty but Nice slogan for Fresh Cream?) who wrote a shit book which few people have ever read even if they did buy it (mine was on loan from the library).
  5. Since Khomeini wasnt the Caliph, his 'fatwa' has no validity whatsoever, certaily not in Sunni circles.

    Although obviously, some may disagree :p
  6. So you dont support it then taz?
  7. 'Had', I thought the fatwa had been lifted a while back?
  8. Oh thats alright then. :roll:
  9. Don't give a stuff about Khomeni, Rushdie et al, but the interview sounds like grade A gold ambushing of a grade A gold feckin tw@t... Class!! :lol:
  11. Lol a fatwa is just an opinion you muppet^

    It can easily be countered with another one..and infinitum
  12. Its not an opinion its an order bound by a religious and irrevocable decree .

    and unlike you I wont insult your ignorance


  13. Maybe they will denounce it now, as Salman has split from his rather fetching wife! :twisted:
  14. Any learned Muslim can hand out a fatwa you tool.
  15. Damn right!

    That was criminal.