MC TANK......


I remember being on Crew Training in Germany one year and this little game of putting Mc before every word you could in a sentence when talking to Seniors started.
It was all fairly simple in the beginning until the Seniors due to lack of sleep and having to shave with cold water every morning got the hump with our inane dribble.
So from this moment of course things began to escalate further... helmets and equipment then started to be marked up with marker pens..the Senior NCO's started to get the hump by now called an impromptu pow wow in the Cookhouse.
The next morning we were all having a wash by the exploding American Water Boilers when a Chieftain Bridge Layer drove past with "MC TANK" emblazoned across the the armoured plates in white paint foot high lettering....

Oh how we laughed....So did the seniors funnily enough :thumright:

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