Mc Nulty the Numpty


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Scroll down and see what Mc Numpty has to say, sod it I'll cut and paste:
But Police Minister Tony McNulty has told Sky News that the Government will propose similar changes to the system.

Accusing the Conservatives of "band-wagon jumping" Mr McNulty said that the opposition were all talk.

"Rather than simply talking about things, we are doing things.

"The implication [of David Cameron's interview] is that the Government is not taking action - and we are taking considerable action with a degree of success.

"It is disappointing and I would rather he welcomed what we are doing."
Oi Numpty that may be because no one is stoopid enough to elect them yet or your one eyed thief of a leader hasnt the balls or moral courage to stand before the people and chance it.
If he was elected and you were in opposition you too would only be able to talk about it!
I wonder who thought of it first and who is stealing who's policy?
My money is on Call me Dave being in first!

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