Mc Nabb Tour Of Duty

Did any on see the episode on ITV 4 10 pm Tue 17TH June. It was all about 1RHA
Its great this story was told; just a shame it was in this sort of 'telly for the retarded' format, repeating itself every 3 minutes in case the viewer had forgotten what he was watching over the ad break. The footage of McNabb firing a gat added little.

I can see why the story focussed on the 1RHA c/s, however I feel that a little greater mention might have been made of the battle fought by the 1PWRR coy that came to rescue them.
May be they will feature more on that story later on in the series.
Dilfor said:
just a shame it was in this sort of 'telly for the retarded' format
Yeah too right, could have been really good. Worth a watch though, even if its a bit poorly done. Made me laugh how they try and conceal Mcnab in some shots then in others you can pretty much see his whole face!
The bits with soldiers talking are good, as are the documentary film clips. McNab is totally superfluous to the aim, its a "celeb vehicle" for him. I was very impressed by the US infantryman in Fallujah, whaling on his opponent with the ceramic plate out of his body armour et cetera when he had run out of rounds! I did wonder how much of his memory of the death throes of the Iraqi insurgent owed to memory and how much to Saving Private Ryan though! Still we weren't there and it did seem a pretty truthful account of a FIBUA cluster!


Totally agree about McNabb having a media tool,dont have much time for the guy but what a fantastic tribute to those boys from 1RHA and for that he can't be knocked. True proffessionals to the end and in my opinion a fantastic set of decisions from the commander....UBIQUE

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