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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CharlieBubbles, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. As reported on the BBC today the Mc Degree is now possible!

    It will allow those working and wanting to work for McDonalds to get a degree in thier chosen work practice, "Fast Food"!

    Is this again a cheapening of the Degree System as it is?

    Have New labour not been doing that for the past 10 years? With a range of Micky Mouse degrees now available at many of our universities?

    When many of these new universities were the town Polytechnics, are WE dumbing down education to their level?
  2. I wonder if this initiative will be expanded to lots of other organisations, including ours, with CLM getting accredited status on the national qualifications framework?
  3. Since losing City & Guilds and apprentice systems, we now have almost a 50% Uni uptake now, 25 years ago it was nearer 5%. The degree system now tries to be all encompassing to all walks, which does water down the value of the average degree.

    There is still no better system for people who are not 'academic' than a respected vocational/day release qualification.
  4. McDegree? I was under the impresion that it was meant to be A level equivalent.

    The NetworkRail one might be worth having. Surely better than a "media studies" degree.
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    MBA in bombing cities? Or is that an MSc? Crabs only, of course 8)
    A-Level in Inf Attacks? Pongos and Rocks may apply.
    GCSE in Compo Cooking. Open to All.

    The options are endless ...

    I'd like an MA for endless pontification over many years in Staff Papers at MoD that achieved diddly-squat, with additional credits for getting Tom King to use an complete paragraph [OK, a short one] of "words what I wrote" in his Statement To The House on Gulf One. :lol:
  6. What genius in Mc'Death by calories will ever achieve it ?
  7. And how is this any different to work-place NVQs? .. answer no difference at all - so it is all window dressing and re-packaging of an old idea
  8. The best comment on this was in the sun, "pay an extra 50p and upgrade to a A*" :D
  9. The lord agrees that t6he likes of PSBC should be worth a degree in management. Considering lots of civvy firms are staffed by less than 20 people in an office. You'd think being able to manage 20+ in the field would be worth more than the city and guilds sh1te they try and pass us off with!
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    PSBC? Outside my skills-set. :wink:
    However, the skills at so many levels in the Military should be bludgy recognised. The mahoosive corporate talent of BritMil [of all uniform colours] should be acknowledged before McDiahorrea awards GCSEs for frying mechanically recovered meat pieces.

    I'm not sure about the office numbers, though. My brat has a degree [in something] and runs an office of 4/5.
    Poser Yuppie. :roll:
  11. I have 7 CSE's, totaled together they = fook all. Currently I have 2 chaps working for me. 1 has a BSc the other has HND, both are relivant to the field we are working in. (they find what we do hard)

    If you have a degree and you come work for me, if I show you how to wire a keypad to the controller and you ask me what wire goes where? you're out the door. It happens more times than I can count. YOU SHOULD BE CAPABLE OF WORKING THE CIRCUIT OUT!!Twat..I did.
  12. Yet another advert for the University of Life.....
  13. GCSE in compo cooking is open to all but I have seen very few who have passed it !

    Exits left
  14. you can in fact get a BTEC (equivalent to 4 GCSEs) in knowledge of the british armed forces, a lot of the 6th form cadets at my school do it
  15. You lot are all class traitors.

    How dare you suggest that our socialist masters have not increased educational standards. The fact that qualifications are now dished out like penicillin in a VD clinic is of no consequence. Everybody just got smarter under New Labour.

    I was particularly impressed by one of the engineering 'degrees' offered by a new 'university' that's opened its doors near where I live. A C pass in GCSE maths is all that's required to get in - in fact, that's the only qualification you'll need.

    Once in, you don't need to worry about exams 'cos there aren't any - everything's assessed on course work. Teaching quality is so good that they can get you from GCSEs to degree standard in two years instead of the 6 that the dumplings at Oxford and Cambridge take (and this is despite the fact that you'll only be getting lectures one afternoon per week in the final year).

    Trully, we live in an educational golden age.