MC awarded to 19 year old female RAMC medic


War Hero
Military Crosses are awarded to Flight Lieutenant Matthew Carter of the Royal Air Force Regiment and Private Michelle Norris of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Private Norris, who is just 19 years old, displayed extraordinary bravery in an incident in Iraq, on 11 June 2006, when in the face of sustained and heavy sniper fire she administered life-saving first aid to the seriously injured commander of the Warrior vehicle she was travelling in.
Good girl!

Scab lifters have traditionaly always been in the thick of VC's, MC's etc. Sometimes over looked by the masses as they tend to think these sort of awards go to Inf and the like.
Good for her!
Good on them both, I remember reading the report on the incident.
The award is very well deserved.


War Hero
I was in her platoon at Winchester, nice to see shes doing well.
Jolly good show!
Well done to them both
Good to see the RAMC being recognised for being in the thick of it. I'll bet her Dad is just bursting with pride!


a testament to the individuals, but also to their units, their corps and what Mike Jackson latterly called the 'ethos' of the British Army

Congratulations to all the recent service men and women decorated for their work in Op Telic and Op Herrick

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