MBW - A gentlemens sport

Is the fine art of the Mexican Bum W&nk dying out??

Haven't heard about it happening in the last few years on the Gun end. I remember massive No 1's not washing for weeks on exercise (having massive dangleberries/tag nuts) waiting for ENDEX/Bty Smoko to be called and therefore allowing the sprog officers to do the "impossible press up."

Although in the current climate of no initiations/stuff which could get into the papers/fun, it was a tradition and very funny. Everyone was very edgy at ENDEX/smokos and the OPs were obvious tgts.

I've tried to track this down before, but you seem to know about it. What is the MBW ?

We had an RHA adjutant c1985 and we were tipped of (by Z** N*****n IIRC) to enquire about said adj and "bdr B***s and the M.. B.. W...).

We were intrigued, and even referred obliquely to the subject at inappropriate moments, but he didn't bite. A twitch or two of embarrassment maybe ....

More info please

Intrigued of Arrse
goatbagthedruid said:
Is this a WHAR???
Nay - never a gun bunny myself, and this was the only reference I ever came across to MBW. From your clues thus far I'm speculating, but probably can't do it justice.

Do tell
goatbagthedruid said:
Is the fine art of the Mexican Bum W&nk dying out??
Does exactly what is says on the tin!

Remeber hearing about someone who's piles burst on someone elses's face. mmm - not attractive.

Is it purely a Gunner thing?? Think it might be?


The movement of the buttocks (AKA the Lift and Glide) is done to the Mexican music (i shall try to spell it out phonetically!)

de de dada de dada de dada, de dede de dede de deda

(In a vigourous bum w&nking motion!)
I recall seeing a particularly tame version in which the pant wetters wouldn't drop their kecks in order to achieve the full effect. Their weakness shames them, although they were from an OTC so hardly surprising.

I first witnessed the MBW deployed by a particulalry large and hairy Leeds gunner against a particularly self obsessed individual, OTC O/Cdt funnily enough. Given this individuals physique, combined with his overwhelming and misplaced sense of self importance he was extremely keen prove that no situp would be impossible for him. Needless to say the result was that he accelerated dramatically once released following a beautiful arc and I'm pretty sure that his nose actually grazed the aforementioned gunners colon as it came to rest.
So the victim (V) is doing a press-up, or maybe a sit-up while the Hairy-arrsed Gunner (HAG) lifts & glides.

I'll try not to picture this over lunch.
goatbagthedruid said:
goatbagthedruid said:
Is it purely a Gunner thing?? Think it might be?

I recall my troop commander inferring to me that the relationship between the CO and his batman was a bit "closer" than thought healthy of an officer and an OR. 8O

Ah! Those were the days when you could be shafted before breakfast by your CO and not blub until you saw mother at the weekend. :oops:
Gremlin said:
BARSTEWARDS -all of you.

Coffee, keyboard & gone puce in face at work!!!!!!
Imagine what could have happened if you'd witnessed it first hand, rather than a watered down exposure of the sort you've had here!
I don't want people to see this; it will give them the same reaction as Gremlin. Just use your imagination and imagine the lift and glide going like a rabbits!

Enjoy breakfast
I never came across this Mexican practice in umpteen years in the Regiment. Could it be some vile habit associated with Worst RHA? Duck, incoming!!
I've only seen the MBW administered once, in a Battery that used to be based in Colchester.

It was 'perpetrated' by a particularly obnoxious man (who later became an RSM) on a young Gunner, whose only crime was to query whether it was fair that aforementioned obnoxious git got to use a ladle in the 'lob pot' whilst everyone on his gun had to use a tablespoon.

Disgustingly vile bully of a man who will get his come-uppance one day.

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