MBT Crewman or Light Cav

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Napper1995, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi, past few weeks now I have been pondering between the two roles and what they do, and we'll what one I would rather do. I know that working in a MBT regiment, say 2RTR, would involve fitness, maintenence, training, driving etc. Then light cav in the SDG, would be basically infantry except using jackals to get around.

    Can anyone else help. In the sense that I'm having difficulty choosing, I'm torn between them both in the sense I want to drive a tank and be part of a crew but I also want to do ground fighting on foot. I don't know if I really fancy Recon crewman because we'll I would rather drive a challenger 2.

    Basically, would life in a Light cav regiment be any different from a infantry regiment? Cause if not then it looks like 2RTR is the winner.
  2. When are you joining up?
  3. Mph, not really my area but if i was a youngster faced with that choice Id go light. Scots DG is a good unit and I suspect wheel time will be easier to get than track time in the future.
  4. True, and from reading on other topics it seems that light cav will be deployed a lot more than other units in the army because of they're capabilities. I'm joining up this year, it's just I have braces in at the moment and don't get them out for another month or two so my applications on hold because the online medical states if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment you cannot fill out the form.

    I'm hoping, fingers crossed and my app gets done quickly as I have already applied before, that I get in late this year or early next. Why? Are you joining up too?
  5. No it won't be. Completely different capability and skill set.

    Yes, very different. Sure, the Lt Cav regiments will have a move towards dismounted capabilities, but the way we are looking at it is as mounted specialists who can dismount, as opposed to dismounted specialists who happen to be mounted.

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  6. Ok that makes a little more sense that I initially thought, BUT what is it a light cav regiment can bring to a battle that an infantry unit mounted on Jackals cant?
    Or am I seeing this wrong? When you say they would be more specialised on the jackals, do you mean like for example they would go ahead of a main force and do recce, with the capability to camp out in their jackals and fight in minor engagements etc? I think the role sounds really good I just don't understand what the role will be if you get me, can you elaborate. It's a case of always wanted to join the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards but don't want to be doing a job any infanteer could do.

    Many thanks
  7. A light cav unit will be able to use the wagons well the inf will **** it up
  8. The difference comes down to how the vehicles are employed. Cav specialise in fighting a vehicle, whereas armoured infantry specialise in using them as a bus from which to dismount and fix bayonets.

    Add on top of that the communications stuff - cavalry regiments are known for being pretty ninja at it (talking on two nets while eating a cheese sarnie and arguing with the gunner about the latest Sun headline sharpens the skills) - and you have a potent deployable force with wide-reaching command and control capability with the option of offensive strike against a peer enemy.

    All this is conjecture though - the doctrine isn't written yet, but I have been party to the process thus far.

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  9. Hi, I was also interested in RAC as one of my joining options, behind infantry and artillery, my main problem is that I've been told I'm a tad large for tanks as I'm 6'5 and built quite heavily too (17 stone), can any one give me some advice?
    Thanks in advance

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  10. Thanks, that's cleared it up a bit, it does sound really good and a little more involving than the infantry. I think I've made my mind up then, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards it is. I'm hoping to be in late this year or early next, which brings another question. If I am in next year and completed phase 1, will I be trained on challenger 2 because they don't loose them until 2015? Or would I just be the brew bitch until then?
  11. Good stuff!

    A very good question, the answer to which isn't clear yet - the training progression is still being worked out. But, you will be trained on *something*, be it CR2 or Jackal.

    Best of luck with it all!
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  12. Thanks a lot, cleared basically everything up! Happy to go forward as light cav now, thanks again.
  13. Small point of order; it will be RTR not 2 RTR.
  14. Never realised apologies.
  15. Boll@ks to the horsey wallahs.Go RTR.
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