Builds MBT 70 1/35th scale Black Label model kit

As a trio of German Armour,with the King Tiger, Leopard Double bill and now the MTB 70, I'm looking at this build from some time ago that my image host pulled from under me when it went down the pan to internet purgatory. So here we have an unusual kit of a failed but important tank that sowed the seeds for M1 Abrams and Leopard 1.
box art.jpg

I'm going for the German version of the tank, it has the dead tidy headlight design. You may know about this fascinating project, or, I hope do some searching on it and uncover one of those, what if, Development stories.
lid off moment.jpg

the kit is dead basic, there are not even internal covers for the side louvres, so If I don't scratch build for this model, it's going to look a bit uncomplete.
blanked off hull side grill.jpg

even the engine louvres need something painted black bonded onto the inside so you can't look right through the tank, like some stripped out range hulk.
engine louvre blanks.jpg
I'm buying in after market gun barrels, the kit one's just don't do it justice
aber parts.jpg

there are an amazing set of drawings on line, if you search, so interested with the inside layout of this machine, I decided to scratch build the inside of the turret. this includes the commander gunner and yes, the driver in a contra rotating cupola.
commanders seat drawing.jpg
darkness inside the grills
darkness inside the grills.jpg

scratch building the commanders seat
commanders seat b.jpg

the drawing of the drivers pod
drivers pod drawing.jpg

scratch building it as a sub assembly
drivers pod b.jpg
there are compartments in the turret, including one for the 20mm AA gun, but the kit part lends itself for uprating.
turret sheel inside down.jpg

this focuses the mind.
measuring angles.jpg

making the internal compartments in the turret
auto cannon gap.jpg
I found some pictures on the internet someone had taken of a derilict MTB70 in a junk yard tank museum, there was just enough information to make up the interior.
cupola gear coupling.jpg

the turret basket has all three crew in it.
drivers pod.jpg

one of the images of the real thing, commanders seat and the electrical junction on the turret floor.
13 (1).jpg
the 20mm gun being assembled
20mm gun start.jpg

the engine firewall
engine firewall.jpg

the hull ready to accept the turret basket
turret basket c.jpg

the suspension is complex and a trap for a momentary lack of concentration
suspension fit fine parts a.jpg
the suspension fitted
suspension fit fine parts d.jpg

tracks being painted
roll of track.jpg

hull plates at the rear needed some filler
filled join gap.jpg

sprockets and roadwheels on
sprockets on.jpg

surface rust on the sprocket
sprocket rust.jpg

sprocket meets track
sprocket meets track.jpg
the hull fitted with tracks, that is a very low profile hull.
tracks fitted.jpg

some work on improving the gun sights
commanders sight periscope.jpg

gunners TI sight.jpg

comparison between the kit gun and the Aber after market replacement
muzzle kit and aber.jpg
the 20mm gun pit in the turret
20mm gun pit.jpg

the superior german headlamps
headlamp fitted.jpg

the real 20mm
real 20mm.jpg

the kit parts assembled ansd ready to go in.
real 20mm comparison.jpg
commanders sight fitted
commanders sight periscope fitted.jpg

view down into the turret
weathered turret int b.jpg

turret interior from the front
weathered turret interior front to rear b.jpg

the two lens sight, the kit one is a bit basic, so I used a part of a PE instrument panel, never throw any spares away.
sight wally.jpg

fitted, makes a difference to add the extra parts
sight on turret b.jpg
couple of shots of the completed tank
turret fitted.jpg

the model in it's final position on the base.
final position.jpg

a glass case to keep the dust off
MBT 70 by lamplight.jpg

I remember the MBT 70 as a kid from this book
tank book.jpg

the book only mentioned it as a footnote at the end of the publication, future trends, including Chieftain and the S tank.
tank book mbt70.jpg

kinda reminds me of it
turret fitted head on.jpg
Bloody hell - have you done that and the two Leopards at the same time?
Nice bit of scratch building.


Ok, now he's had the 3 shredded wheat, what's he going to build before lunchtime?

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