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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone got an updated format (or just the current headings would do) for a mortar base plate survey? Got to do one for a civvy company's risk assessment but it's been a few years since I've had the pleasure .....(and a few years since I've done a mortar base plate survey as well !).

    Any (unclass.) pointers would be gratefully received.
  2. Hmmm...a civvy company at risk from mortars! This obviously isn't the middle of London then!
  3. No, not in the middle of London...I couldn't afford the congestion charge. But seriously, they are in UK, have MoD connections and for some reason have to have a mortar threat bit in their risk assessment. Don't know if it's an insurance thing or an MoD requirement. They just asked me if I could do one for them and, like a good operator, I lied and said, "Yes."
  4. Nah, probably Bradford!
  5. Nooo...if it was, then he would be asking for advice on suicide bombers !
  6. :salut:
  7. Suicide bombers ?

    That's a good point. Might put a section in the risk assessment about that and really put the whatsit up them.

    They are really proud of their zillion pound, award-winning, totally glass, reception area. It's just asking for it.....
  8. Oh dear. Drop me a PM, we should talk.
  9. Has a threat assessment been done on the likelihood of a mortar attack to the company.

    Mortars are likely only to be deployed against a substantially secure site (i.e a military establishment). Other than that the device is likely to be deployed on site ither by bringing it through the front or circumventing weak security arrangements.

    MBP's are extremly difficult to assess now that the main threat is no longer from Irish Republican Terrorism who deplyed relatively short range mortars.

    The main threat being Middle Eastern Terrorism is a whole new ball game. Their attacks have been mainly against the human populous and not infrastructure. They are also in possession of military hardware such as the Chinese 107mm Rocket. Ascertaining MBPs out to the range of this baby is nigh on impossible.

    Also Islamic Extremists are not bothered about being caught, so if they can suicide themselves on the front gates of the company they will.

    Also if a MBP is conducted are the sites going to be regularly patrolled? If not there really is no point of an MBP

    I suggest that you go back to your employers with some of these thoughts/qustions and many more, you might end up having to do nothing and look a right switched on cookie.

    If that works my consultancy fee is ........
  10. Many thanks to all who replied on the site and via PM. I will be going to talk to the client before embarking on the survey as part of their overall security review,anyway. But I just wanted to be sure there wasn't any new angle (forgive the pun) I might have missed.

    To be honest I think mortar attack will definately be in the "low" threat box.

    Me.?..."look like a switched on cookie," that'll be the day !