MBoto Gorge Trophy Steering Commitee. (ARRSE Shooting Club)

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by EX_STAB, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Whilst it's fresh in my mind I've started this thread for members of the Arrse Shooting Club who have an interest in making a fixture of the M'Boto Gorge Trophy.

    Following the successes on Saturday in introducing this competition I think that we need to refine the concept in isolation from other shooting activities.

    Consider making it a fixture at The Imperial!

    Ponder on, intelligent debate starts on Monday ;)
  2. Well as we were all offline all day on Monday we can start "intelligent debate" on Tuesday ;)

    Chin Chin!

    Ex STAB
  3. Whilst I know we can refine the discipline to make the M'Boto Gorge even more to fun to shoot; I am a little uncertain how we can make money out of it at the Imperial for the RBL.
    A couple of years ago the HBSA booked a range for the St Georges day shoot in aid of the Ghurkha Welfare Trust(?) and were told they would have to pay more for the range as the NRA were a charity themselves??
    The match went ahead and was just booked without mention of what it was in aid of, and made some money for the GWT, I am still trying to work out where the NRA are comeing from on this!
    May I suggest that contact is made with our friend to see how the land lies with this one?
    Regards to Fidget.
  4. Morning Henry!

    I'd suggest you remove the initials of our friend as he is instantly identifiable from them. I'll ask him anyway.

    It occurs to me that to get it on at the Imperial at all one thing they won't accept is the Zulu shield. You know how PC NRA are. To overcome this I suggest it is re-drawn slightly and renamed "The fruit Segment". Same shape, similar pattern and vastly more amusing as an "in" joke.
    Another possible stumbling block would be the title as M'Boto Gorge is a work of fiction and presumably belongs to the author. Mind you, hasn't stopped ARRSE using PIXAR's MR. Potoatohead for however long!

    A trophy is a relatively(!) simple matter - I propose an 1888 pattern bayonet (Not cheap I don't suppose) with a number of Bronze pieces of fruit kebabed onto it. Alternatively the whole thing could be cast in bronze. The whole to be mounted on a wooden base, the bayonet point uppermost at an angle of 30 degrees from vertical. I can do the patternmaking and find a foundry.
    Here's an 1888 patt bayonet
  5. Duly Edited!

    The Zulu shield was part of the fun thing, I actually wonder if they would even let us do it with a segment of fruit as a target!
    Keep us posted on the feeling within the "Kremlin" at NRA HQ.
  6. Well it still would look like a Zulu shield but we would call it a fruit segment!
  7. Have we had any word from the NRA mole yet?
  8. I believe that it should be 'kiwi fruit and guava halves' together with a 'viciously sharp slice of mango' on the bayonet?

    I was very disappointed not to be able to attend the event on the 10th. Family committments I'm afraid. :crying:

    Are we going to get a full range report and some 'Persec friendly' results?
  9. Results out as soon as I've got the film processed and scanned.
    No news from NRA Mole yet. Wait out.
  10. How long is it untill The Imperial this year? When does the submission of the shoot have to be in by.

    Has the mole spoken to anyone yet?
  11. I doubt it will be arranged in time for this years Imperial. In fact I know it won't. Next year at the earliest I should think. Phoned Mole today. Mole likes the idea and will enquire further.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Could we somehow get permission to use this target at the next meet:


    (clicky for full size picture)

    It doesn't appear to be of humanoid characteristic!
  13. Reply received from Bisley. We need to write up the course of fire and any conditions. The NRA will give a discount on range fee if proceeds go to a suitable charity.
    We would probably have to run it ouselves at the Imperial but hired hands would be available if required.

    I think we would need to:
    1) Write a course of fire.
    2) Make a supply of suitable targets available.
    3) Fund and supply a suitable trophy and runner up prizes.
    4) Provide a prize fund.
    5) Agree terms with a beneficiary charity - RBL, SSAFA etc.
    6) Choose two or three days during the Imperial that it could be shot on. (Around the Service Rifle/ TR times would be good)
    7) Provide staff for the firing point and prizegiving as required.

    A substantial cash prize raised by donations trough arrse would attract a large number of entrance fees and hence a useful surplus for our choice of charity.

    If 25 of us put a tenner in to the prize fund for first place the prize will be equal in value to the Queen's prize - this is sure to attract a large number of entrants. 100 entrants at £10 each ought to clear at least £750 for RBL and I'm sure we can build it into such a popular event that there would be more interest than that.

    Comments please.