Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lenton, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Is it possible to find out why an individual was awarded an MBE? The citation just simply states:

    Yugoslavia and Albania, 1/10/1999 - 31/3/2000

  2. Probably for sucking c0ck...
  3. Now, as a delicate, junior member I thought I would be polite and tread carefully but I have been told it was for "shooting four rapists" - yes, you can see where this is going - I think you may be nearer the truth!

  4. Have you tried asking the recipient? (or someone else who served with him).
    It is often some significant at the time, but ultimately boring, piece of staff work or admin that gets such gongs.
  5. I don't think you get an MBE for shooting rapists...
  6. Why do you want to know?
  7. Pity that!
  8. This is an instance of walt by proxy, the recipient hasn't said anything, I was just trying to find out if more detailed lists are published for my own curiosity.

  9. I'd have thought any citation covering those dates would have described 'Former Yugoslavia'.
  10. Try looking in the London Gazette, all orders and decorations are posted there. All you need is his full details and then go online, easy! In some cases they don't give a citation.
    Shooting rapists is probably a cover for being a jolly fine fellow.
  11. I didn't think there were written citations for MBE, just "For services to......" etc. Obviously there would be a write up to get this through in the first place but have never seen any actual publications of such.
  12. I don't think 'citations' for MBEs are published anywhere - military awards are gazetted either half yearly or aperiodically under operational lists with no description, although the operational ones are usually arranged by theatre; civilian ones are generally half yearly with a short description e.g. 'services to agriculture in Essex'.

    Edit to add: Or having seen exbleep's post - 'wot he said'
  13. True...

    No write up is published.
  14. Thanks to all for their input, you have confirmed that details are not published.

  15. There were a lot of refugees from Kosovo into Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Albania but we moved into Kosovo from FYROM in June 1999 which is when most of the work was being done (April-June most of the refugee camps etc were built).

    But not all MBE's are awarded for helping CivPop