Mbeki lambasts Brown for imperial nostalgia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 30, 2005.

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  1. Mbeki lambasts Brown for 'imperial nostalgia'

    Presdident Mbeki accuses Brown of sexual steryotyping.
    Seems Browns crime is that he said The Honkey has no need to apologies for his time in Africa.
    Er much as I detest Gorden, Mbeki is barking.
  2. And here's the piece that Mbeki wrote, quoting Seamus Milne in the Guardian:
    Mbeki, like countless other Africans, seems to think that the role of the industrialised - white, yellow and very few brown - nations (other than his own, mind) is to feed and clothe and treat the people of his continent in perpetuity, in return for the disgrace of having given them roads, schools, hospitals, and law. The cry familiar to any expatriate in East Africa from those countless Africans is: "give me money, mzungu". For the 'leader' of a nation on the continent which is needing countless billions of dollars in British and other Western aid just for its' people to survive, criticising a dupe like Brown is rich.
  3. Not barking............just another ex-terrorist allowed to breath
  4. I always said that Mandela was the acceptable face of African Nationalisam.
    Mbeki is another or will be in a few years Magaube.
    I get annoyed over Dohfar but mainly with the African leaders who have no intention of sorting anything out but will continue saying Give ME, I want, I need, you must.
    No Britian abolished what was then acceptable, Slavery, that is the selling of Black africans by their own people, yes Britian abolished it or tried to for it still goes on to this day in Africa.
    Oh and compensation try asking the other slavers The Harabs, I know what Arabs think of Black folk, I do talked to enough.
    PS I've no use for Arabs either.
  5. As far as empires go, the British was by far the most benevolent and ordered organisation the world had ever seen. And if we'd had text messaging & C17s instead of telegraph & paddle steamers, we'd probably still have it.

    This sort of ill-informed rhetoric jars me off. If it wasn't for us white trash, those buggers would still be living in mud huts and slaughtering each other in petty, internecine, tribal bloodbaths. Because they don't do that sort of thing anymore do they? Oh no, all sweetness & bloody light nowadays. Not unlike the Mau Mau I suppose. They were just misunderstood individuals, not callous, brutal murdering gangsters.

    The same with the Thugee. They were a nice old misunderstood bunch. We didn't do the sub-continent a big favour by eradicating this sick 'way of life' (a bit like the misunderstood, thieving pikey scum I suppose?) - and I won't even mention sutee.

    It wasn't us that stamped out slavery on the Gold Coast (or rather tried to). It wasn't us that curtailed the viscious expansionism and ethnic cleansing by the Ashanti kings in the latter 19th century. No not us. We were too busy slaughtering babies and massacring little old ladies. Alright, there was the odd faux pas on the PR front, but it was usually done to check insurgency, quell uprisings and, in general, maintain the status quo - and it worked. As a result, trade blossomed in many places that would have been impossible without British governance & laws.

    If we were such an unpalatable bunch, I doubt the British Empire would have lasted as long as it did. And when compared to the methods of colonial government exercised by the Portugese, Dutch and French, we were pussies! But what we did do, was to drag many cultures out of the stone age and leave them a legacy that they're more than happy to reap the rewards from today. True, we took our cut of minerals, gold & diamonds, but we hardly left them in the raped wlderness that they're always accusing us of having done.

    Tsabo Mbeki? If you'd have come out with that seditious rubbish a century ago sunbeam, there'd have been a Royal Navy cruiser doing a bit of urban redevelopment on your village. Cnut!
  6. You lot should all go and flagellate yourselves with barbed wire to compensate for the sins of the British Empire. Or something;-)
  7. Mbeki

    B*llox :evil:
  8. Bloody idiot ! i will repent my Imperial past as soon as my Tax stops being poured in to that part of the world ! and the African countries put Magabe to the sword ! along with the other corupt loonies in charge out there !
  9. Can you hear that...........some lefty tosser..........yep I can hear it


    See, told you,
  10. No one in power in the uk has anything to do with the empire and
    very few if any tax payers have anything to do with the empire .Your fault you sort it out .Trade could be fairer but the rest is not down to the west .
  11. Fair One Hogspawn your right !
    Now days it seem if people dont like what you say 'label it' with an anti-(who ever !) label and no one will listen so stifling debate and stifling democracy !
  12. REBEL!

    Its the only way
  13. South Korea in 1953 had just finished 60+ years of Japanese occupation and several of the world's major armies kicking the crap out of each other on its territory. There were barely two bricks left standing together in the whole country. Now SK is the 8th largest industrial economy in the world - and without any major natural resources of its own. Africa, take note.
  14. Unfortunately the African method of government seems to be a victorious terrorist, oh, sorry, Freedom Fighter, who's staged a phony election that's made him President for life of a one-party system - aka King. Then he sits back on his throne, pleads for aid-money from the first world, most of which ends up in a Swiss bank account. If no more money is sent when requested, King so-and-so either plays the race card, or uses the colonial guilt thing, or both.
    I think that the best way to stop this kind of stuff would be to send in some proper (ie. not UN) observers to account for every penny of the aid money. Or just stop sending it - wouldn't have much effect anyway as hardly any of it actually goes towards helping the people it's meant for. Except that this would give these dictators another card to play. Or just send a gunboat.
  15. Spot on post! Just love how they always have to go back to the ol slavery thing it was the white man who that caused the problems!