MB with injury

Can anyone give me some advice?

I was due to go to MB at the end of January, but the weekend before I was attacked walking through town by five drunken mongs. They dislocated my shoulder and cracked my head open. I got dispensation from the 6 month deferral because of the circumstances, and now I am due to go to the board next Tuesday.

Thing is, my shoulder doesn’t feel like it’s fully healed. It is still weak and gives me pain when I try and use it. I already signed the forms to say I had no outstanding unhealed injuries; I signed those two weeks ago and I thought it might be ok by now. The biggest problem is, I can’t try and defer again, because as of the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] of May I am too old under the revised age limits. What do I do? Go all the way from Aberdeen to Westbury to be sent straight back? Maybe I just have to suck it up that I won’t ever get to do MB and go down the soldier route (which I would still thoroughly enjoy and find rewarding) and if I have some leadership qualities they will be noticed there? I am worried about phoning the ACA as I feel I already have been given some leeway after I was attacked.
Phone them and explain that you lied on the form, that'll go down slightly better than tipping up and telling them the same thing.
Revised age limits? Out of interest how old are you? There are corps that you go into at 29.

I wouldn't ring up and say you lied, just ring them and say it isn't in the condition you thought it would be by now. It's up to them to decide whether or not they'll extend.
I am 27 and was advised that I would have till May 1st to pass MB or I would be passed over as too old.

I didn’t mean to lie to them, just genuinely thought it would be bearable by now.
mate shoulders are complicated i keep on breaking mine and still feel pain...if you can load it and i'm sure you have been preparing then swallow your medicine and give it a crack...what have you got to lose? The worst case scenario is you had a wee relapse on test and you can still go down the other route when fit!

and the best of british luck to ya
For once, I genuinely feel sorry for you. But.....

Have you genuinely assessed your injuries and the effect they may have on a military career? I appreciate thatit is not your fault or choice to be injured in this way but the intensive training you are attempting to embark upon could potentially worsen your injuries and create a life-long problem for you. Speak to a doctor and be very honest with him and yourself.
If there is anything I have learned from arrse, be it from the stories in old and bold, right through to the spirit of the naafi, it is that I am not going to give up now. I am going to man up, pop some vitamin I and push through. If I should be fortunate to pass, I shouldn’t think I will be able to make the September intake anyway, so I have until January to make sure my shoulder is fully prepared and ready. Only got one shot and this is it, got to give it my all.

Cheers guys.
I thought the January intake was already full?

I had my briefing in February and they told us back then it was almost full.
I see, cheers for that. Point still stands, this is my one and only chance at MB.
I think you should turn up, explain your situation, and just show 200% determination on all the phys activities, whatever the outcome.

Don't forget that the Main Board is not just about the bleep tests and assault courses.


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