Mazda MX5 UNOS 1.6i Roadster

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Filbert Fox, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Now Mrs Fox is in the Sandpit its time to flog her car.
    Its a silver Mazda MX5 UNOS 1.6i Roadster, soft top, H reg, excellent condition, new engine, ultra low milage. Electric windows, speakers in the head rests, engine immobiliser, goes like hot shit off a shovel. MOT'd, full service history and all the other stuff that goes with a car that a bird treats like its a baby.
    £2500 ONO (I will go as high as £3000 if you plead a good case).
    Its kept in the garage (thus keeping my machine on the bloody drive) and if it wasnt for the fact that I cant get the dogs in it Id keep it myself.
    Come on, dig deep buy it.
  3. Its yours really isnt it? you hairdresser :wink:
  4. Two miniature poodles won't fit in it? :? :wink:
  5. Is the boot large enough for my hairdryer, curling tongs, bottles of peroxide etc? :lol:
  6. Would I, as a bloke, look gay in it?
  7. If thats what you really want, and you worked at it, I'm sure you could! :wink:
  8. its a convertible so ideal for gay dogging :lol:
  9. the engines too 'throaty' for dogging, it scares everyone away as you enter the car park (allegedly :oops: )
  10. but its an ideal car for all sorts of people:

    1. Women (but not mooses)
    2. Hairdressers
    3. Medics
    4. Int Corps
    5. US Marines
    6. TA
    7. People of any position in life with any sexual orientation that will give me £2500.
  11. Look gay?
  12. Are not two statements I would ever link together.

    HGVTOO, I'm sure you would look 'camp' sitting atop a Challie II.
  13. He's more camp than a row of tents. :lol: (is it a he?)
  14. Hoots, oh sooo funny! Ooooo, my ribs, oooooo, no more, please, no more. Laughing my tits off. :D :lol: Its the Chuckle Brothers.
  15. Chuckle Brothers? You must've dug deep for that little gem :wink: