Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by hellie, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. I apologise in advance in this isn't posted on the right board, and would appreciate if the mods could move if required.

    I'm selling a pair of Mazda 5 Cont lights boxed as new. They fit the current shape model (2008 to date) and are in perfect condition. They're currently in Celle, but I can post within BFG or deliver locally. They cost over €800 new and am selling them for €400 or nearest offer. Thanks Hellie
  2. I'll give you that if you throw in the car as welll. Are you a hiardresser by any chance?

  3. Cheers Sporting you've made my day!

    I'm not a hairdresser and it seems you're not a used car salesman either. The Mazda 5 is a 7 seater family car and I think you've got this confused with the MX5, the small 2 seater sports car. It's an easy mistake to make, when you're trying to take the p1ss. Thanks for the offer, I'll bear it in mind ;-)
  4. Why would anyone want cont lights? let alone a pair??

    Edited to add,I know it's not the naafi but ... 8O

  5. no one likes a smartarsse - especially one in a Mazda :) Always reminds me of Tony in Men behaving Badly......'YOU, Mazda......******....!!!'

  6. Smart-arse....pot, kettle and all that! Seriously, I'm not being a smart-arse, just trying to sell the lights. You commented to take the p1ss, so I thought you were fair game for a laugh. If you see the Mazda 5 you'll see you can't get further from a haridresser's car if you tried!
  7. Good luck mate!! Looks like being one of the longest arsse threads ever!!! :)

    Says the Volvo driver......