Mayweather attacks "fat" Hatton

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Mayweather fails to mention, of course, that he was booed by his own fans during his last fight.

    Nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing Ricky mash up Pretty Boy, another arrogant Spam who needs taking down a peg or two!

    Hatton v Mayweather, bring it on!
  2. What, even though he is a City fan?

    I hope he keeps it up. Every time I think he has over stretched himself, he does it again. If he needed motivation to put the gobby Yank back in his box, he has it now.
  3. You have to admit .... he is very very brave !!!!
  4. Mayweather would annihalate Hatton
  5. Nonsense, Hatton just needs to look after himself and he'll be fine.

    I've a feeling Mayweather aint as confident about Hatton as he's letting on, hence the bluster.

    What's the bet he refuses to even fight him?

    Would be one hell of a fight though!
  6. I do rate Hatton, but his latest bouts have been a little flat. Have we seen the best of hatton?
  7. lol @ nonsense mayweather is the best pound for pound boxer at the minute, he would pick hatton apart....brutally. And i am a massive hatton fan but i go with what my head tells me not what my heart tells me
  8. Much as I hate to disagree with Sandy, I think Hatton can edge it. Purely on guts....
  9. Sorry I'm going to go with Mayweather even though I think Hatton is a legend.

    Hatton's always been criticised for piling on the pounds before fights and making his life harder in his training camps but apparently it's been getting worse recently, which his recent flatter fights may of proved.

    I love the Hitman and just hope he's not getting a bit complacent.
  10. I'm a fan of 'The Hitman' however let's get real here. More and more rumours are now flying about how he's allowing his weight to 'soar' between fights. I was speaking to a guy who knows his training regime particularly well. It's alleged that Ricky gave himself a matter of weeks to shed some 4 and a half stone for his last fight! That cannot continue. Mayweather will hurt him for keeps. I hope someone within his ever growing entourage will see sense and ensure that he prepares properly for this one.
  11. honestly never had the chance to see mayweather but from what ive heard , hes even harder that Bodie ! hatton needs to just keep off the pies for a few months between fights then hopefully his stamina will sort out. if he does that then i dont think anyone at his weight could live with for 12 rounds. as we seen in last couple of fights, he has died in last few rounds.
    come on ricky fatton! hes okay for a bitter blue ( 30 years)
  12. o and as for that cnut witter , i hope he kicks the living shit out of him....