Mayoress forced to quit for joining BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Mayoress forced to quit for joining BNP

    Is this right or fair? She has been forced out of her job because of her political affiliation. Granted, the BNP are a bunch of arseswith some rather nasty policies, but should she be removed because of her views? What if she had decided she wanted to join the equally barmy british communist party or some other crackpot leftwing party? Would she have been forced out?

    I am aware that her local area has a high number of asians and other minorities, but what about her right to stand up for those who oppose immigration?

    A tough one, but i feel she should have been allowed to continue and only if she was shown to be using her office to disparage or discriminate against minorities, be removed.


  2. This is the same type of argument as the lecturer who made the comments about black people being less intelligent.

    If she openly paraded the fact that she was a BNP supporter, then the actions are probably justified.

    If she kept quiet about it, and didn't allow it to affect her work, then it's wrong to strip her of her title.
  3. As much as I dislike the BNP - they are a legal party and she has a right to belong to that party however misinformed.
  4. Well if it helps, I have been shoeing people who have said about joining labour. I'm doing my bit.
  5. Although she has a right to join the BNP ,it states that she was elected as an independant. You cannot be elected as an independant and then swear alligance to a polotical party.
  6. I think this hinges on the difference between the roles of a Mayoress (an apolitical appointment) and a councillor. She stood as, and was elected as, an independent councillor. She then took on the role of Mayoress whilst remaining politically independent. Fine so far.

    Publicly switching from independent to to BNP in mid-term is what caused the problem. I wonder what will happen if she stands again, this time under the BNP banner? And would she have been asked to be Mayoress if her BNP sympathies were already known?

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  7. Yes you can, surely? Many politicos over the years have resigned from one party and "crossed the floor" to another, without feeling the need to resign their seat. The only difference in this case is that the BNP are an unpleasant, odious bunch with bad PR, as opposed to the mainstream parties who have good PR and varying degrees of odour.

    If you're saying that it's alright to legislate unfairly against a minority viewpoint because it's not nice, well that's a very slippery slope...
  8. I think you will find that those elected personnel who "cross the floor" soon find their seats up for a local election
  9. Not at parlimentary level.

    However, I don't think she should have resigned. It's not as if belonging to the BNP is illegal. (Just morally distasteful)
  10. Shurely the Mayoress would normally be the spouse of the Mayor. I think I have heard of a daughter being appointed. Mayoress is a civic/ceremonial appontment to assist the Mayor at civic functions. Without knowing anything about Keighley Council or the circumstances of Mayor Tony Wright, it sounds as if he appointed Ms Thompson personally and in that case he would have every right to change the appointment following her decision to adopt a party affiliation which is to him unpalatable.
  11. Ken Livingstone...

    Imagine the outcry if this had happened and she had affiliated to Labour, or some Islamic party. But it's okay to discriminate against the BNP, isn't it? Does is not rather go to prove the BNP's point is that it is being suppressed?

    Like them or loathe them, they are a legitimate political party and deserve to be treated exactly the same as any other.
  12. Yes. However, she needs to know that almost every action will provoke a reaction. Those who object are exercising their right just as she claims to be doing.
    Remember the old joke:
    I didnae ken
    Well, ye ken the noo.
  13. Maybe thats why she got elected, afterall aren't we are supposed to elect a representative (not a political party).
  14. The appointment of a civic mayor as opposed to a directly elected one eg London, Doncaster, Middlesbrough is a ceremonial position as the 'first citizen' of the Borough so to speak. She would have beeb invited to openings, dinners etc round the Borough.

    It is absolutely right that she is stripped of this position. How many organisations whether they be from an ethnic minority or the Brownies or the RBL would want to invite someone with her odious views.

    It is blatant electionering of the worst kind and having had first hand experience of how the BNP operate they are truly awful people whose use of intimidation and attempt to dress up their views by hanging their hat on the Countryside agenda,supporting normal people etc is a cynical ploy. Tey are fascists, holocaust apologists, criminals and thugs.

    She should have done her term which will be up in May as the neutral civic mayor and then when she resumed ward councillor duties announced her intentions.
  15. There may be problems about her mayorship and changing parties, but at least someone is prepared to stand up and be counted. I admire her guts to stand up for what I suspect most people recognise, but either cannot say, or dare not say. there will come a time when this country can no longer support its own people, let alone the tide of illegal immigrants.

    I dont support BNP because they are just too right wing, but the fact that the can now get councillors elected is a sign of growing discontent amongst the masses. As a boy I remember the speeches of Enoch Powell, and the hounding he got. Sadly, much of what he said turned out to be right !!!