Mayor to continue tossing with children against H&S!

Coin tossing tradition under threat

Quick to the outgage bus as once again health and safety is used to destroy a tradition!

Civic dignitaries will no longer throw coins to children at an annual fair after a health and safety report ruled the decades-old tradition was a danger.

A risk assessment by St Ives Town Council in Cambridgeshire said the "throwing of coins" at the Michaelmas Fair could result in an injury.

Councillors voted to instead drop or roll the coins at this week's event, so that local children would not miss out.

But Mayor Ian Dobson said he would continue to toss his coins "gently".

He said councillors had generally done this anyway over the years.

At a council meeting on Wednesday night he said: "I don't think I am actually going to roll them. I may drop them, and I will carry on tossing gently."

Robe warning

The council report said the coin-throwing tradition, which happens during the opening ceremony of the fair and dates back to the 1920s, created "significant hazards".

It warned people could be hit by "flying objects", could be crushed, or could have their fingers trapped or trodden on.

Council risk assessor Jayne Westlake said children, spectators, councillors, officers and officials were at risk.

Councillors asked for the assessment earlier this year to ensure their "obligations in terms of risk" were covered.

In the report councillors were also advised to take care when riding on dodgem cars while wearing their civic robes at the fair.

It said that "civic regalia" could be torn, and councillors might suffer "whiplash".

Yes I'm bored, yes its hardly earth shattering news, but it did amuse me. (I'm easily amused)


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So, he could be fined by the HSE for being a tosser. Ironic that.

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