Maybe the MT staff can answer this one?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PotYos, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Have I missed something or is now completely optional to use your indicators on a roundabout or in fact in general.

    Obviously i'm aware of the fine print in the Highway Code that says all BMW owners are exempt but I was under the impression the rest of us mere mortals were bound to follow this code.

    Apparently not though because in fairly short journey taking in about 30 roundabouts I saw just two drivers indicate their intention on a roundabout.


    ** Rant ends **
  2. Here is a very appropriate response from this Sunday's Driving Supplement in The Sunday Times. It is on the letterpage:


    I too have noticed this trend of not bothering to use indicators (Letters, Last Week). This is most noticeable at roundabouts when a vehilce is turning left. This trait seems to be most common among BMW drivers.

    When i questioned my friend (BMW owner) on this matter he stated "We don't need to indicate, we know where we're going." I rest my case

    Rather a good response i think!

    But yes, it does annoy me as well and i am sure that we are not the only ones. Perhaps the Highway Code should form some part of an annual test for motorists as some of the info contained within becomes forgotten - especially the rule that states that you should give way to buses that wish to pull away from a bus stop.

    Thats my tu'pence anyway!

  3. Large chunks of the Highway Code now seem to be optional, including driving on the left on a motorway, signalling, or using the correct lane when entering a roundabout. My two local roundabouts, one a junction with the M25, tend to have the majority of traffic flow in one particular direction. Since this causes mild queuing in the correct lanes, large numbers of mong drivers choose to use the completely wrong lane (eg left-hand lane to take third or fourth exit to the right) and aggressively cut into the abiding traffic flow.
  4. I find my landy with a very nice looking iron bumper tends to get BMW drivers scurrying for cover, even if they know where they are going...

    They don't know where I am going. CNUTS>
  5. Well the ultimate solution would be to get an ex-MoD tracked vehicle. That would sort out a few of the problems!
  6. Too many useless drivers out there who should have there licenses revoked until they prove they can drive without acting like complete *****.

    Also, 4 wheel drive monsters should require an additional test and a provable need clause before allowing a licence. If you live and work in south London, Why do you need an off road vehicle?
  7. Because they have small penii!
  8. IS this just a southern thing or have any of you lot been north of the M25?

    I have had the misfortune of driving in almost all parts of this country and extensively abroad. With all of this experience I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt, that the worlds worst drivers outside of the "Flip-flop crazy no road laws countries" are in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

    But luckily West Yorkshire police traffic branch are all over the problem.....My arrse!

    I think indicaters are an optional extra on vehicles up here!!!
  9. Heh, I'm Lucky I can park my Fat arrse in the way of people doing that and then pull away slowly allowing the Queue of legit traffic to start rolling before the git in the wrong lane can accelerate away.

    See Cyclists are good guy's.

  10. Too true the M62 around Bradfords like funfair dogems!

    What about the effing tractor drivers who are supposed to pull over and let cars past if theres more than 5 of them do lets just piss every one off and see how much of a tail back I can cause whilst stinking the place out with cow sh1t :evil:
  11. I agree Brettarider, if I had my way and the time I would rather get to Manchester via Sheffield just to avoid that part of the M62.

    As for tractors, you must be out in the sticks to be getting stuck behind those things. Its a national sport getting a large queue of traffic behind your bog chariot! I am under the impression that this is called "growing a tail" and the world record is held by Amos Graham a pointy headed, mud shuffler from near Goole.(A tail from Selby to Eggborough behind his little grey Massey.

    Although I have been wrong in the past!!
  12. just to add to the mix bloody caravan drivers drive me insane

  13. Nope not out in the sticks mate but they like to populate the roads when they can. Also hate these doddering old tw@ts on the road crawling along to the nearest garden center or what ever place the p1sh riddled freaks are heading to
  14. Boy fekkin racers!!!!

    Thay have a car that looks as though it was put together with the leftover bits of their big brothers Airfix kit, and drive around at 20 mph with an exhaust the sixe of a 50 gallon drum. They have spent so much money doing up a 1 litre Chick chariot that they could have bought and insured a real fast carfor five years.
    They also think that because you drive a car capable of 150 mph that you immediately want to race off every set of lights.

    They look like a bigger w@nker when I pull away from the lights at a leisurely pace with them roaring off beside me ,than if I were to actually kick their arrse in a straight line sprint.

    I was never a boy racer, I had a life and a trusty 1.8TD Sierra. God I'm old!!
  15. But the worst offenders are women. Down in surrey they simply must have a 4 wheel german tank to drop the kids off at school and collect them again at 3.30.

    No wonder our kids are so fcuking fat today. They never get any excercise. I had to walk 2.5 miles every day to school and 2.5 miles back every day in all weathers. Kept me fit and I enjoyed it.