Maybe t-shirts after all

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by whiffler, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Folks

    I've done a recce to a local place, and here are a couple of sample quotes incl VAT.

    White/HeatherGrey/Black t-shirt (190gm Premium Heavyweight, one heavier)
    Small logo/text on front left chest
    Larger logo/text (not enormous) on back
    Size S-XXL

    ........ £8.00 per if we get 50 S-XL and 12 XXL


    White/Navy/Sunflower?/Black/Bottle(Green?)/Heather Grey Polo Shirt
    Same logo/text
    Size S-XL only

    ....... £12.00 per if we get 50

    So, prices might vary a little (perhaps £1.00 extra if numbers are smaller), we might also up the price a tad for GPR funds, and anyone that wants a postal service .... err wait out. Can COs offer a payment service via shop for remainders/post ?. I don't mind doing the physical posting if people are happy to provide addresses ...... if it all comes off.

    This place has a five working day turnaround, so I'd like to be giving them all the necessary details (and, unfortunately, 50% up front from my beer funds) early w/c Monday 21st November. I would bring to Moon on the Mall any requesting such delivery.

    Note - this is all provisional

    Next couple of days, rough commitments, preferences, suggestion for text/logo please. I will check out how generous the Polo shirt XL is, usually XXL myself but they vary slightly.

    Some time Monday/Tuesday (14/15th) I'll go firm on design/style/colour and invite bids - sorry if we've been through this before but as price/choice/style has moved on I thought it best to consult.

    What say you ?. Off very shortly for beer & weekend, queries (unless pretty much instantaneous) won't be answered 'til Monday.

  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Well done Whiffs great initiative

    My pref being bottle green polo shirt in fat boy size please

    and rack the cost up tp £20/25 with funds to the GPR

  3. I think that Polo shirts are the way to go (like the GPR idea Gremlin)

    I'd go for a Navy Blue Medium.

    What are the chances of user name on them? Or is that too complicated?
  4. Not sure these people embroider, and time/expense would be more of an issue. Suggest you all bring your huzzifs, or arrange for an embroiderer to be at the pub.

    Not bringing my huzzif, actually grandpère Whiffler's from RE/RFC days.
  5. Either for me matey, grey or dark colour to absorb spillages etc!

    Any chance of names on sleeve like last year????
  6. Whiffler, have I told you lately that I love you?
  7. Whiffler, when do you think you'll have final details of what's available, prices etc.?
  8. Hmmm.....
  9. Hmmm - slow response here.

    Will check possibility of individual names today.

    What was design last year? .... continuity no bad thing, albeit variation on the theme rather than duplication.
  10. Not going to London so not involved here but just thought I would point out how successful the badge idea worked in Edinburgh. Just badges with names printed on etc - Trolly Dolly sorted at minimal cost. It won't give you a t shirt with your name on but may be something for you to consider.
  11. As long as there's a "tour T-shirt", not really too fussed if my names on it or not. As for choices, green polo for me please, medium, civvy beer belly not kicked in yet!!
  12. Latest news .... different supplier

    Awaiting confirmation of quote, but think it possible that £20 will cover

    polo shirt ..... size/colour range tbc
    embroidery .... Union Flag with web address & Christmas Tour 2005
    ...................... also name on sleeve may be a size issue with such as Hitlerwasabitnaughty

    with the balance to GPRA.

    Anyone who wants a shirt that won't be there either gets nothing on sleeve (extra to GPRA), unless yu want to be associated more closely with something in which you didn't participate, in which case you can have 'Walt'.

    A new thread when details are known.
  13. going tobe cutting it fine , with about 3 weeks to go.
  14. Indeed, they are giving me 24th Nov as deadline .... so it'll be cheques/postal orders at the ready when I give the shout. Hopefully later today, as ever the quotes are attractive. Less attractive things like setup costs and VAT come under the banner of "I thought you'd realise that".
  15. Count me in with a large green polo shirt please