maybe its time for a game about the british...?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little_Lion_Man, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. what with xbox live and COD 6, i have been thinkning that all these games are based on americans. i know cod has some brits in it, but it's still pretty much aimed at yanks. i think the powers that be should make a game about the british forces in afghan and iraq, with accurate kit and weapons. britain has a large gaming "scene", so it wouldnt flop, and i suppose some americans might buy it. if they did it right, it could be very successful. your thoughts please.
  2. My thoughts are 'bore off and post in the gaming forum'
  3. god help us! :D yawn!
  4. where is it?
  5. Behind you. :D
  6. i smell a wah! and a sh!t 1 at that

  7. I think you should A) keep hoping, B) post this on the right forum, and C) stick with the ACF
  8. parahopes, stop playing games and get out there in the snow and start tabbing/running etc and maybe your hopes will become a reality.
  9. Parahopes, there's a guy on here, trooper66, he loves computer games about British forces. PM him your idea.
  10. Back off w*nkers. In my day it was Battle and Commando comics, Airfix soldiers and Airfix Revel Models, they were forerunners to contemporary computer games and there was fcuk all wrong with that. Todays "HM Forces" poseable figurines haven't even got an enemy to fight with fer chrissake! What good is that? And why should computer combat games be solely American in flavour.
    Albeit the wrong forum to post on, I think the idea's sound and you shouldn't be slappin' a newbie so hard. Give him a break.
  11. And here come Mr PC :D
  12. Will there be furious drinking and tugging involved?
  13. Im sure Barbie and Cindy could be dressed up in Burkahs and armed with an AK, failing that, next door's cat could be bullied into becoming a target for aimed shots..
  14. You see, we could be talking about an ARSSE evolved masterpiece :)
  15. There could be a 'freckles' mini-game to improve your XP.