Maybe its because im a Londoner

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Detmold_Drunk, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Interesting site, fond a couple near my old house, will pass it on to my Mum and Dad.

    Guess the one that blew the roof of the house I lived in came later.
  2. You aren't Nicholas Lyndhurst are you.... popping back to rescue Phoebe?
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  3. Knock, knock,

    Who's vere?

    M A B Big Horse......
  4. Really interesting cheers, wasn't on the map but around the corner from me was Monty's old school, St Pauls which he was using to plan the D-Day landings, it was believed a raid was planned to take out the school but it missed by about 1000yds taking out a whole terrace of houses which they replaced with a memorial garden
  5. Dear God,zoom out on that map.I had no idea it was so bad.
  6. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    it really looks like the Germans were trying to take London off the map, and they complained and called our bomber crews "terror fliers".
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  7. Found THE bomb that hit my grandparents house in Wanstead, tapping them in the basement for 3 days! Amazing.
  8. Even then, I think its only a fraction of the actual number of bomb sites over the whole war.

    My old address off Clapham Common has four properties destroyed along a diagonal line across adjacent streets by one stick of bombs; however this map only shows one bomb nearby that was a different incident.

    Its quite amazing that there is any of old London left at all, given the density of bomb hits. I guess they just repaired most damaged buildings, which is why so many London properties have structural damage that shows up on modern surveys.
  9. My gran was anti aircraft crew at grove park, blimey
  10. Three or four dropped within a few hundred yard of my parents house in Ealing. Never knew that!

  11. she wasn't trying very hard was she!
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  12. Outstanding site - many thanks for the post!

    Looking at the map zoomed out, looks like a bowl of berries, which brings home the scale of the bombing. A few years back we found my Grandmother's diary (they ran a pub in Paddington) and she had catalogued the raids - several each night, which was a shock in its on right.

    My Aunt told me about a bomb that hit Whiteley's department store in Queensway, killing almost everyone that had been taking shelter in the basement. I found it on the map but no detail.

    There is a site somewhere that I've been unable to relocate that has the original drawings made by London County Council on the bomb sites. Good educational value.
  13. What a fascinating site. Have a look at a strange cluster in Mortlake in SW London, where the river Thames makes a very distinctive curve similar to the one near the old London docks, could it be that some of the bombers got lost, saw a curve in the river and unloaded thinking it was the London docks? Agree about zooming out, London disappears under a mass of red blobs.
  14. Thanks for that one,I looked up my old patch (round Bloomsbury/Tottenham Ct Rd) It's easier to understand all the crappy 60's style buldings in that area when you see the density of bomb strikes over that short period never mind the rest of the Blitz and the V weapons afterwards