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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Nathd91, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Right, supposed to re-enter RM basic training in April,

    But today I was being a bit of a ****! On my way to go mountain biking, Thetford forest. The dual carriageway goes from 70 to 50, I was too busy talking to my mate and didn't realise..

    Just my luck a mobile speed camera van, anyway.. Assuming, worst possible scenario I may of been doing 80 in a 50, that would give me a court date..

    Have i fucked myself totally in the ass? If i get given a court date surely that's 5 year's rehabilitation period before I can re-join.. Think i'd rather die!

    Nervous 2 weeks wait ahead of me.
  2. That's some ******* speed on a mountain bike!
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  3. First ever thing i've read on the internet that made actually laugh out loud! You sir are good..
  4. Tell em yer mate was driving, politicians do it.

    I doubt you'ld be denied joining up because of a speeding ticket. Thats my sensible answer.
  5. An SP30 is **** all tbh.
  6. Problem is, 30 mph over the speed limit is an automatic ban isn't it?

    Best of luck that you never got caught dude! :(
  7. I was debating telling them my mate was driving, but unfortunately he is black and i'm white... But I could say he was making me drive fast at gun point would they believe that?

    But i mean if it goes to court, as its 30mph over the speed limit.. I'm not worried about 3/6 poxy points only if it goes to court it might affect my entry date..
  8. CCTA is use to people laughing at him so wont good thinking for an Armourer though who says your all fat useless warhammer freaks.....ok the process for Navy and contracts are slightly different but Im sure the same principle meaning if your facing any court dates or awaiting hearings you CAN NOT attest. The Rehabilitation period shouldnt be an issue if its just a fine but may affect things if you have other convictions that may tot up the Rehabilitation period. There may be other issues relating to a ban or if you get any points regarding the job your going to do. I only know what would prevent you to joining the Army so your better off speaking to your RN Recruiter who would better advise. Dont try concealing it as it more than likely wont be a problem but if your caught lying will definately end your career.
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  9. Thanks for the post, I will do..
    I have previously got 3 points, but they are cleared on March 23rd.
    I will ring my AFCO tommorow and see what he thinks, I will never lie again! After starting basic training last time with shin splints and denying it, i nearly got permanently barred from rejoining!
  10. Fat, useless and freak I can live with but warhermer? Bog off! I'm too busy sniffing Suncorite whilst watching goat porn to do that weird shit! ;-)
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  11. Nath pop over onto Rum Ration theres always one sad AFCO from the RNRM on there post the question over there with maximum persec (in case it turns out to be your AFCO rep!) if your worried about going in person to see your AFCO rep. It always used to be criminal convictions that mattered and driving offences didn't come into it.

    Oh and you may want to work on your "spatial awareness":thumright:
    Good luck
  12. It does matter if its a pending trial date though.