Maybe a daft question regarding birth certificate

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by N_LST, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Is it a vital piece of ID, even with a passport, driving licence etc?

    I walked into my local recruiting office thursday last to continue an application I started online. I was sat down and chatted to a Sgt. for twenty minutes, had my BMI checked and given all the brochures and DVD's. At that point the guy said their standard practice was to invite people on a friday morning to attend the R U UP 4 IT session before issuing an application pack.
    I went on the R U UP 4 IT in friday and was driven up to the office and given the pack and instructions on how to fill it in. After that I was given a date for an interview and barb test, this monday. Reading though these forums it seems the recruiters dont like you turning up without all the paperwork they asked for and I cant find my birth certificate. The office for a re-issue is a 30 minute train ride away but the appointment to go back is at 9AM so obviously with the weekend I have not been able to get up there and get a new one. Is the passport and Driving licence enough for them to allow me to sit the BARB test and be interviewed? I will obviously nip to the registrary office straight after and get a new one but I am trying to do everything by the book and avoid cock-ups where possible and am just hoping it wont delay me being able to sit the test.

    cheers in advance
  2. Just take everything else you have. I took my birth certificate in another time because I had to get it from me mams house and didn't have it at the time of taking all the info in.

    Passport driving license should be enough, maybe nat insurance number too, any certificates etc
  3. Cheers. Just didnt want the test and interview delayed over a piece of paper I will have by the afternoon
  4. you will need to show them your birth ceft as they need a copy so just make sure you always take all your paperwork when ever you get called into the office saves u alot of footwork then mate
  5. Yeah, will make a folder, it was just the thought I might not be able to sit the test that worried me. cheers
  6. nar you shouldnt need it for the test.....what core you going for anyways
  7. Infantry mate, 5 Scots first choice.

  8. Corps
  9. we dont say corps in the cav as it sounds like your saying royal armd corps i.e dead body lol but yea ur right
  10. Oh for crying out loud!
  11. Thank you Annie. It is about a fiver to pop into Glasgow from my local office and the same again for the Certificate so I will just take a flying visit tomorrow so I can get it to the AFCO the same day. If nothing else it will show a little willing. Thanks for the advice though.

    How anyone doesnt know how to spell corpse I will never know 8O
  12. Can't say I've heard that one before. Ah well, learn something new every day. :roll:
  13. I'm in a similar postition
    should i take all my exam certificates etc to the interview along with my IDs or not?