Maybe a chance to get paid to Give Russell Crowe a kicking.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Sounds like a remake of ZULU to me :lol:
  2. Hollywood strikes again! Back in the middle ages, every bloke was way over 5'8" :roll: A 5'8" bloke would have been bumping his head off every door lintel.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Have the ZanuNL Fingermen signed off this comment as legal? Does Trevor Phillips concur? Is it in writing? Has Question time not concluded that its 'shocking'?
  4. Acting is one of the very few professions that is exempt some parts of equal opportunities.
  5. Pembroke, Pembroke Dock inbred capital of Wales. Dole scroungers and single mother Safe Haven. Also, because its a quiet backwater in the arrse end of nowhere all the rehabilitated pedophiles get re-housed down there.
    They'll be lucky to find anyone over 5,5". Many local people will refuse to take the job as it will mean an end to their benefit /dole money.
    As for the secret beach, Freshwater West is right next to Castlemartin gunnery range. I believe some on here may be familiar with that place. Maybe someone could drop a stray round down there on the day of shooting.

    Freshwater has some seriously dangerous rip tides. Maybe just maybe one will get hold of him and drag him out to sea.


    Of topic, years ago Castlemartin used to be home for a squadron of German Panzers. Locals being the inbred bigots that they are, feckin hated them. One of the arguments against them being the guns were to loud. Also the local wide boy chavs, always gave the "What the feck you lookin at" sketch. Knowing full well Jerry could not, would not retort or fight back as it would be a major career foul(Were talking immediate discharge from the Army). Any how the day came when the Germans upsticks and left. In moves everyone's favorite "Tommy Atkins".
    First day firing, BOOM! No really it did, they went BOOM! alot, awesome sound. It wasnt long before complaints came in about the guns being louder than before, hohohho. Feckin inbreds.
    As for the local chavs the conversation went something like "What the fook ar[smack punch bang wallop]" ohh dear! Eye witnesses, I was just past the town hall as they were coming out of Paddles night club, But I saw nothing, nothing at all.
  6. Isn't this just medieval walting? Disgusting.
  7. Thats Hollywood for you. Replace Zulu Warriors for the 600 dole scrounging white druggies
  8. It could work you know, but it would need Meryl Streep for a love interest and lots and lots of machine guns.....well I would go and watch it. Oh and maybe a few aeroplanes.
  9. Too True SK, I originate from Pembrokeshire north of the haven, the county it self is av ery nice place, unfortunatly inhabited by...all you have said....easy to get a shag mind...LOL
  10. Haven't you seen the BBC Robin Hood with black Friar Tuck?
  11. I missed that one. But I did catch the BBC Merlin series with the black Lady Guinevere, innit. Multiculturalism Britain is healthy, you get me bro'?

    A white guy is playing Martin Luther King in the BBC's remake of... ahhh! Wait, no. Black history is sacrisanct. Only re-write the white folk lore and legend. White is bad, innit?
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    funny old thing.....I attended a Casting Collective call for
    ' Nottingham/Robin Hood ' in London last month.....I reckon they signed up >1500 Russell Crowe bashers at that session.....queue stretched round the block...took me three hours to get through the door....great test of bladder control for old geezers like me.........and an excellent introduction to MovieWorld's version of that old military fave 'Hurry Up & Wait'

    Bloke I was on another ITV thingy with last week reckons they are also known in the industry as ' Cancellation Collective'......but I was on their book in 2002 and thought they were fine so.......jump in give it a go, be prepared for a lot of silliness - and absolutely do NOT expect reality

    e.g ''re telling this bloke to say 'We've been waiting for you guys for FIVE years.........but the Krauts didn't invade until 1941 - and this is set in mid -1944 ?

    ' Shut up - we're not paying you to know're just a fookin' wanna get paid for today ? '

    That said, most ADs are polite.....just not very switched on to mil issues.

    Pay rate is < £10 an hour , onset catering is okay - and it's a bit of a crack mostly.

    Don Cabra
  13. why?
  14. And what does that tell you about the BBC?