Maybe a bit harsh?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. And, yes - he was shot. May even have been under age at time of enlistment and should not even have been in the army.[/quote]
  2. [/quote]

    what,No remand for social enquiry reports?
  3. Got a link to more of those ORC?
  4. Catterick circa 1981........Cpl's club do..
    staggers homeward bound approx 4.30 am through recruit barracks heading for qtr.

    gets stopped by guard and ROO a lt. who actually was in my sqn a few month earlier..
    who are you soldier
    ..pished reply..jush going home sir,..
    ROO whats your name..
    Pished answer OH FFS!...Cpl cc staggers away ish....
    guard sent to apprehend me..
    charged following morning : stating a falsehood :lol: something like on asking cpl cc his name he replied oh FFS!..i had reasonable doubt as to this was his name.....!!

    OC sniggers.... accept my award..

    Cpl cc..yes sir!
    OC gulity £5 march him out ssm...

    bloody glad it wasn't in 1915 i can tell you.
  5. And extras for the arrse Officer that wasted to OCs time....
  6. Quite right too, it sounds as if Blandford could do with a bit of that! :wink:
  7. this is what it comes down to

    the troops were pissed off and restless for being stuck in greece on a campaign that never was and suffering greatly from illness and disease

    the officers solution:-

    shoot a tom to improve moral

    why dosent this suprise me?
  8. This post is not a wind up.
    Different ages had different standards and to compare our 'Nanny' state in its ultra tolerant frame of mind with a War time army losing tens of thousands per month killed on the Western Front is not really on.
    The guy had enlistent underage and would from 'Evidenced' produced seem to be a bad soldier who even when his life is on the line 'Couldn't be bothered' to to plead his case.
    I remember there was a 15 year old sailor won the VC at Jutland a case of different attitude.
    I don't suppose I was the perfect soldier. I do beleive I was a good junior and a good young Sgt. I know I was a stroppy old Senior who deliberatly pushed the 'System' over certain matters that I felt strongly on.
    I doubt tho if I would have had the balls to push the System over a Trial with my life on the line.
    Strange people the Irish, as my generation found out over twenty odd years of my service.
  9. Some good stories of life in WW1 at Towards the end of the war, attrition was so high that guys of 45 - 50 were being called up for service. Maybe better if we don't let TCH read this?
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I just love it, getting a scrote for a ABH or theft, working 3 weeks to get the file sorted, viewing CCTV, ID parades and statements. They go to get court, plead guilty and get a £30 fine! Magistrates- we love you all!
  11. ORC, enthralling site. It will be hard not to read all of the stories. Thanks for posting it.

  12. Unbelievable heroism that one never realises.