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Not again..................... Ask one of your shiny arrse bods on Monday!!

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I seem to remember that pay goes in on the last working day of the month, so that being the 31st, which is the Tuesday AFTER the Bank Holiday, enjoy the weekend :)
The boy, who is of a JPA persuasion, is expecting his to hit his bank on tuesday
A quick look on JPA and/or ArmyNet will show you your payslip, which has a handy little box which tells you the date that you are getting paid, or is my payslip somehow different to
everybody else in the army?


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Pay slips always put the last day of the month on. It could be paid into the bank seperate to that date, as was Aprils
That's because April had the extra BH on Friday 29th,which would have been payday for April seeing as the last day of the month was a Saturday, so pay would have gone in on Thursday 28th, but with May, the last working day is on 31st, which is Tuesday, hope that helps.
The world is (apparently) ending this weekend anyway, so JPA has automatically binned this months pay.

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