May intake at Sandhurst and PCCBC

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by whodat, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I started this topic just to see how many people on here are planning to attend Sandhurst in May, and also find out what regiment/corps you are hoping to join. As a side note, apart from the medicals and physical tests at PCCBC what else happens for the rest of the time?

    I did a quick search and notice that there will be a Computer Aptitude Test and a Modern Language Aptitude test littered between briefings. Anyone know what these 'tests' consist of?

  2. Forgot to mention I'm currently looking at AAC, Intelligence Corps, and possibly the RAMC.

    I have grading at the end of march for AAC, I heard it's only a 40-50% pass rate though.... Then a fam visit to Chicksands at end of April. Anyone been on the RAMC fam visit?
  3. Hi whodat,

    I'm in for the May intake, seems to be taking forever to come around. On the first PCCBC and I'm going for QRL.

    See you there!
  4. Doing PCCBC end of March. Looking at a range of options from infantry through to engineers, though at the moment preference is for the former.

    Did a visit to Intelligence Corps at Chicksands, didn't gel with them at all.
  5. I heard the Intel. fam visit and aptitude tests could be a little bit heavy, especially as they can't really show you that much due to the nature of it all.
  6. Im on PCCBC 2nd March, see you there!
  7. Hi Whodat

    I too will be going to PCCBC on the 2nd of March, then grading on 29th and Int Corps visit on 19th April so looks like I'll see you there!

    Have you got any other Fam visits booked before starting? I'm going to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers for a week and hopefully The Rifles in April too I've got a so busy couple of months ahead!
  8. Omega - have PM'd you.
  9. One presumes that the MLAT (modern languages aptitude test) will be used for testing your suitability towards commissioning into the int corps.
  10. I'm also going to the PCCBC on the 2nd March. Not heard anything about language tests and the suchlike. From all the info I got given I thought it was just a briefing on Sandhurst, a fitness test and yet another medical?

    I thought all that sort of thing had been done at AOSB? :?
  11. No, its to test your aptitude for modern languages.
  12. ha ha, that actually made me laugh out loud a little
  13. You've all forgotten the measuring up for kit, boot issue, random talks, boredom and the single most important one buying the kind Inters drinks to say sorry for taking over their bar.
  14. Sounds like a good use of time. Just hope i get through the medical ok. Just reading through my notes from the GP turns out have 3 significant problems, which are not currently active..... once I broke my Left Clavicle, Once I got an ear infection, and when i was a kid I used to suffer from hay fever.......

    I think it should be ok.
  15. If it wasn't bought up at AOSB I think you'll be fine... they're more worried about dislocated joints (shoulders/knees)