May hints at bid for leadership

Good news. She is one of the few senior tories that i have any confidence in.

Theresa May, who once claimed the Tories had to shed their image as the "nasty party", emerged yesterday as the first potential female contender for the leadership contest.

Mrs May broke ranks to criticise plans approved by a majority of Conservative MPs to deprive rank-and-file party members of the final say over the choice of their new leader.

She said it would be a "damaging step backwards" to return to MPs the power to select the next leader.

Mrs May, 48, the party's spokesman on the family and culture, did not rule out standing for the leadership herself when Michael Howard steps down this autumn.

She is famed for her choice of shoes and emphasis on the need for the Tories to modernise. As chairman in 2003, she said the party had to get rid of its image as the "nasty party" and spread its appeal beyond Middle England.

Mrs May declined to say definitively whether she was planning a leadership bid. But a slip of the tongue appeared to hint that she was seriously considering it.

Asked on BBC Radio 4's Today if she would stand, she replied: "Let's wait and see what happens when the autumn comes and candidates actually declare our. . . themselves."
She's got the same name as a certain British Porn star who has cracking chebs too!!! I know which Teresa I prefer. She could lead me ANYWHERE!!!! :wink:

The Teresa May I prefer.

But, on a serious note, whether it be, Teresa May, or whoever, I don't think there is anybody, right now, with the strength of character to provide and form a credible alternative to Neue Arbeit.

I am very interested to see how the Lib Dems do in any future Westminster by-elections. I think its about time the electorate gave them a crack at the whip. They couldn't do any worse that our current reigning bunch of nepotists.
Ah a female leader, in the fine tradition of Golda Mier, Indra Nehru and Mrs T.
Stop all these silly illegal wars having a kind considerate grandma figure running the show.

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