"May God curse the mujahedeen and their leader,"

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by WEATHERMAN1956, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Suicide Car Bomber Kills Iraqi Children


    Are WE to blame? Making the kids targets by trying to win hearts and minds...or dental patients?

    Good will be damed. How can we do well when all efforts are undermined
    by the zellots?

    Don't we all hold some guilt? Posters to this fourm seem to me to be very anti-government leadership. Anti anything that involves taking a proactive or provocative action. Costing lives. Fostering hate for corporate gain. Taxing the people. Doing something...

    This 'leadership' which has indeed invaded foreign lands. Set up war bases on someone's 'Holy Ground'.

    Maybe if ideas were taken from some posters here...the leaders of both British and American Governments would be no more.

    Maybe those who might bomb innocents would have to find even more obscure reasons for hate.

    Perhaps 'they' would be content to 'terrorize' only 'their own'...but that might also be the same innocents. Wern't these London bombers 'British Born'?

    If we were to cower and cover our heads as those with righteous indignation stomped those little folks...those of Thoreau's 'quiet desperation'...how could one live with one's self...knowing that
    'Something has to be done'?

    I think something must be done. Perhaps more subtle than invasion or bombing...maybe PEACE is the answer. Maybe not...