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A post from Irish Military Online, just in case people don't know about this crowd:

Just found a worthwhile publisher Naval and Military Press
[]their website is worth a visit. They specialise in reprinting old out of date publications. Rates are very good. Books offered mostly hard back or solf back [mostly]

These include such wounderful joys as the following:

The old Regimental histories are avalible eg Prince of Wales's Leinster Regt (Royal Canadians) 2 vols £32-00 sterling
Neills Blue Caps [Royal Dublin Fusiliers] 3 Vols 1639-1826, 1826-1914 and 1914-1922
each at £22-00 per vol
Crown and Company 1911-1922 [2nd Battalion] RDF also only £22-00

Their masterpeice must be the re issue of "Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918: being the Names of Irishman who fell in the Great European War 1914-1918"
This was only issued firsdt in a very limited number
now out in Hard back in many volumes all for £385-00

it lists over 49,000 of Irish by birth who fell during the Great War

Postage and packaging is also reasonable

Happy reading

Just pity the postman (or woman)

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